Why Being A Moderator Can Help The Yoors Community

Happy 2021 guys! Hope it will be a better year for all of us 🤗. In 2020 we released the new reporting function and the broken heart button, our very own democratic moderation tool. Why? Because we do not want our users to feel less safe on Yoors and be taken advantage of. Also we want everyone to be able to be part of the decision. Since you can earn money on Yoors, it is very unfair to earn with content which does not conform to the rules or has been used without permission.

While keeping in mind that this feature could be taken advantage of, we have been refining it a lot. Also to address questions who are still being asked about the Yoors Moderation Tool, I am making this post to clarify.

  • Did you break the rules? This will result in a ban or modification of your post. But do not worry. You can learn from mistakes and just create a better post next time.
  • Not breaking the rules, means your post will earn it's deserved recognition and Yoors Points. There will be plenty of yoors members which will vouch for you, if your post has been wrongfully reported. Also the Yoors Team keeps a close eye to reports who have been made.

We want to follow the next principle

Everyone is a moderator:

  • unless they are minors
  • until they opt out willingly
  • until they make too many wrongful choices

I am doubting, what should I choose?

Sometimes you are unsure whether a post is breaking the rules or not. We have developed the buttons to always result in the same thing. "Yes" means you want the post to be banned or modified, while pressing "No" will keep the post intact in it's original state.

If you are in doubt on what to choose when you received a moderation request, please think of the following tips:

  • Press Yes, if you think the post goes against the community guidelines.
  • Press No, if you don't want the post to be deleted whatsoever.
  • If you get asked if a post is copied content or not hop on Google. Google Images: and do an Image search for the concerning image. Paste the text in the Google search bar if it's concerning the text and check if this post is from someone else. When in absolute doubt, you can always ask the owner of the post or the owner of the images.
  • Keep the Community Guidelines open in a different tab and compare the post to the examples listed under the chapter where we mention the violation.
  • Try to not get biased and pressured by the opinions of others
  • Press the close button, to ignore the moderation request when in absolute doubt.
  • Do not ignore your gut-feeling, but do also not ignore the Yoors Rules. Even if a post looks okay to you, it may still be not according to our guidelines.

Work in progress

We completely understand that everyone can make mistakes and not be familiar with the rules. I agree that reading the guidelines can be quite time consuming and overwhelming, especially for new users. That's why we are working on the following things:

  • Instead of your post being deleted for taking photos or text that are not copy-free, it will be demonetized. You will of course still be responsible for possible copyright strikes. Demonetization entails that you do not earn with your post anymore, but it will still be visible to the public.
  • If your post gets reported for being "Empty",  it will become a draft post and you will be able to re-publish your post once again. (Spam will become a separate violation option)
  • We are working on opting out of being a moderator. So you will not receive requests anymore
  • Moderating on mobile phones is still difficult, so we are working on that too.
  • Removing the booster reward, but instead we refund the report fee (50 YP) to the reporter if they have made the correct choice.
  • Reporting copied content / copyright infringement will have to be elaborated with proof
  • Deep discussions about solutions concerning cases of art containing nudity or other controversial cases

While reporting, please keep in mind

  • Singular photos or videos, without text are allowed and are not breaking the rules (unless it's not a copy-free photo). Photos and videos are content too. Not everything needs to have text attached to it. Think about Instagram.
  • Do not report others simply to bully them or because you are having an argument or misunderstanding. Moderators will vote against the moderation anyway if it doesn't break the rules and you will lose your report fee.
  • Take new or inexperienced users in consideration. Consider leaving a comment under their post or private message with suggestions, which is a friendlier way of giving feedback. Do they still not listen or change their content? Then reporting is a good decision.

Thank you for keeping Yoors clean and helping us create a better platform!