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The Top 10 Ways to Earn Cash on Yoors

We want to share with you a few of the many ways to earn with Yoors, if you deliver quality, of course! (Hey, it rhymes!). Beware this is a lengthy post, so don't worry if you can't read it all in one go. Take your time.

On Yoors you can earn Yoors Points (YP) by creating, sharing or simply by commenting on someone's posts. Yoors Points can be exchanged with cash, but instead you can also use this to support others on this platform. 1000 YP = 1 Euro, so by saving Yoors Points you can easily achieve a monthly pay-out.









1. Yoors Boosters

With Yoors Boosters you will receive extra Yoors Points every time someone likes your post.

So the more likes you receive, the better.

If someone gifts you boosters, you can check these out at


2. Yoors Rewards

Earn Yoors points for completing a task. If you browse to you will see all the current tasks that are available. Complete the tasks and you will receive the reward mentioned.

3. Yoors Pools

With pools you can win YP on 2 ways, provided you participate in the pool competition. Keep a close eye on pools with YP that are refilled by the Yoors Team itself or by other Yoors members. Examples of these pools are music, recipes, iamnewhere, photography and a few more.
  1. Receive a percentage of the pool, when you are the 1st place winner
  2. Receive Yoors boosters attached to these pools

4. Yoors Promotions

Boost your post and keep it in the attention of others for longer. Because your post is more visible, you will be able to get more support from other users.If you promote someone else's post, you will earn half of the revenue received through the promotion, thanks to Fairshare. If you comment on a promoted post, you will also be able to earn Yoors points. Please check out for the latest posts with rewards attached to them..

5. Yoors Challenges

Yoors organizes a lot of challenges, in which we encourage authors to post about a specific theme. Think about themes like drawing, photography, music, etc. During these challenges we choose a respectful Yoors jury (or ourselves) to evaluate the entries. The winners will be chosen and will receive very high prizes in the form of Yoors Points. The highest prize so far is for the Yoors Music Challenge. In which you can earn 1,000,000 Yoors Points:

1000+ of you managed to try these already:

Click on each blue hyperlink to read more about each feature!

6.Yoors awards. Yoors members themselves determine which content deserves the spotlight by voting with hearts. Each heart has its own value in YP; voters can determine the value of their heart themselves. From 10 YP (0.01 euros) to 10000+ YP (10+ euros). We, the Yoors Team, sometimes give out hearts ourselves. Keep in mind that we appreciate all posts, but we also do this because we find your post completely outstanding and worthy of a reward.
7. Fairshare. Share the post on your profile page and / or outside Yoors and earn fairly along with the maker by collecting hearts and YP. You both get half of all YP you collect through the shared post. So fifty fifty. For example: The voter gives 100 YP. You and the creator both receive 50 YP.
8. Pay per Post. Determine a price for content that you have put a lot of love into. Think about courses, art, video recordings, extensive reports, research articles, etc.
9. Beneficiary. The earned YP of an entire post is transferred to a Yoors member or hashtag of choice . Have you been chosen as a beneficiary? All YP goes to you. Surprise another Yoors member and make them happy by choosing them as beneficiary.

10. Invite new active members. By inviting new members you will receive a bonus. This can range from 50 to 200 Yoors Points. The invited new member will also receive the bonus.
Disclaimer: 1000 YP = 1 Euro. Everyone is responsible for the distribution of their own YP. Refunds are not possible. So share, vote and transfer YP responsibly. Gaming the system to collect YP is not tolerated, we strictly monitor this. It is so much more fun if you don't focus on the Yoors Points, while participating with love and passion and still earn cash on the side. #yoorxperience#yoorsupdate #yoors #yoorstips #earncash #yoorsbeta #yoorslove #yoorspremium #yoorsrewards #payperpost #beneficiary #pools #yoorsubscriptions
Share and earn.