The Top 10 Ways to Earn Cash on Yoors

On 20 Sep 2020 Yoors Boosters  was released. Read more about it in Chapter 1 below!

We want to share with you a few of the many ways to earn with Yoors, if you deliver quality, of course! (Hey, it rhymes!). Beware this is a lengthy post, so don't worry if you can't read it all in one go. Take your time.

On Yoors you can earn Yoors Points (YP) by creating, sharing or simply by commenting on someone's posts. Yoors Points can be exchanged with cash, but instead you can also use this to support others on this platform. 1000 YP = 1 Euro, so by saving Yoors Points you can easily achieve a monthly pay-out. 

Yoors has undergone many changes and has been given a beautiful shape thanks to you all.Yoors is not finished yet and is still under development until we realize the ideal platform. That's the reason to why you see so many changes. Yoors is a platform in beta phase. We're almost there though , guys! Soon we can say that Yoors is finally and in fact done. And to everyone who stayed and supports us, we offer you many thanks and we are super happy to have you here.









Yoors also does not generate any revenue yet, it is fully running on our own costs. Our main purpose is not revenue at all: it is to be ads-free, fair, fun and innovative while our members can also earn on the side. To continue delivering a wonderful YoorXperience with you guys, we have developed some beautiful ways on how we can all gather some revenue on a fair way, together. Thanks to the wonderful @Henkjan de Krijger , initiator of Yoors, more than 63.000 (63 thousand) euro's has been paid out to a lot of members ranging from 10 to 1000 euros per member a time out of his own pocket. Why? Because we think you all deserve the chance to be rewarded for your content . The past year we have been able to develop numerous ways on how Yoors can continue hosting the site, while you can still keep earning and having lots of fun on the side. Below you will find some of them (released and unreleased).

1. Yoors Boosters

(RELEASED) With Yoors Boosters you receive a fixed amount of extra Yoors Points with every heart on your post. This way you can stimulate and motivate someone to make even better content. Yoors Boosters can be given by the Yoors Team when we see that someone is delivering outstanding quality or by other Yoors members. You also get Yoors Boosters automatically when you participate in a pool contest (see point 3 below).
  • Anne receives a Yoors Booster of 100 YP from David.
  • David indicates that this can be paid out 10x to Anne. (Yes, that's right: it works exactly like the Fairshare treasure chests)
  • Anne receives 100 YP with each new heart on his/her post with a maximum of 10 hearts
The number of votes on your post therefore determines how many Yoors Boosters you can redeem. More quality = More YP.

2. Yoors Subscriptions

(COMING SOON) Yoors will always stay free for everyone, but next to that you can also take a subscription to upgrade your YoorXperience. Everyone will receive a free 6-month trial period for Yoors Premium Basic as a thank you for helping us test the Yoors beta phase. All members who have registered before September 28, 2020  can redeem this for free. 
A few examples of the perks you receive are:
      1. Pimp your profile. Choose a different design for your profile page according to your preference or add extra tabs (horizontally) and sections (vertically) to your personal profile page. You can choose which posts to add to each section using a few pre-programmed options. Think of: most viewed posts, most voted posts all-time, most voted posts this week, posts with rewards, best-selling posts, etc etc. In addition, you can also add a carousel to your profile and choose between a few themes designed by us.
      2. Premium statistics. Get access as a premium Yoors member to extremely useful statistics that will help you make better posts in the future. Now you can only view your supporterviews and pageviews, but later you can do so much more! Distinguish which of your posts are the best and delve into all the numbers that your post receives, discover trends and start improving!
      3. Turn everything off. Do you not want hearts, fairshares and / or reactions to your post for personal or other reasons. Turn these all off individually and according to preference.
      4. Plan the publication of your post. Have you made your post, but would you rather not publish it today, because you want to change a few  things or because you want to post it at a smart time? No problem. Schedule the publication of your post with a date and time of your choice in the future!
      5. Translate your post to our 20+ supported languages. Increase the reach of your posts by creating translations for all your posts. You can edit and / or delete these yourself, if something is missing.
      6. Each new subscription through you will earn you a high percentage of the paid price. An example: If someone pays 5 euro a month, you will receive up to 5 euro yourself each month, depending on which subscription you chose (Basic, Premium or Pro). Why do you receive this? Because you were the reason to why someone else decided to take a Yoors subscription
      7. Upload videos on Yoors.
      8. Upload PDF files on Yoors.
      9. Make group profiles. Manage 1 profile with multiple Yoors members and decide how you want to distribute the YP. Therefore you all get access to create posts under 1 profile.
      10. And much more...

3. Yoors Pools

(RELEASED) With pools you can win YP in 2+ ways, provided you participate in the pool competition. Keep a close eye on pools with YP that are  refilled by the Yoors Team itself or by other Yoors members. Examples of these pools are music, recipes, iamnewhere, photography and a few more.
  1. Receive 10% of the pool each day that you participate. The pool for music has 2800 YP currently. You can view this yourself by clicking on the link. If you participate in the pool contest for 5 days, you have a chance to win 10% of the pool every day for those 5 days.  On day 1 you already win 280 YP if your post has received the most votes. This amount will be withdrawn from the pool, leaving 2520 YP (2800 - 280) for the next winners. Note: This amount (10%) can be manually increased or decreased by the Yoors Team per pool.
  2.  Receive a Yoors Booster that grows with 10 YP each time someone votes for your post. By default, you will only receive the amount that the voter gives you. But if you enter a pool contest , you can receive even more YP with each and every new vote you get and it starts at 10 YP.  At the second heart you receive 20 YP.  And at the third, 30 YP. And that's how it goes on and on until there is no YP left in the pool. Just like point 1 above, this amount is subtracted from the pool.

Thus, each pool grows and shrinks separately from each other and the pool contests make it more exciting to make different content each day.

4. Yoors Promotions

(COMING SOON) Boost your post and keep it in the attention of others for longer. Pay with YP, Ideal, Paypal or our other supported payment methods. Other Yoors members can also promote your post. We also send your post specifically to users who are interested in your subjects. Your post will appear in their feeds and in different other places to increase the visibility.

1000+ of you managed to try these already:

Click on each blue hyperlink to read more about each feature!

5. Yoors love. Yoors members themselves determine which content deserves the spotlight by voting with hearts. Each heart has its own value in YP; voters can determine the value of their heart themselves. From 10 YP (0.01 euros) to 10000+ YP (10+ euros). We, the Yoors Team, sometimes give out hearts ourselves. Keep in mind that we appreciate all posts, but we also do this because we find your post completely outstanding and worthy of a reward.
6. Fairshare rewards. Immediately receive Yoors Points as a reward for activating Fairshare on posts with a treasure chest. View all posts with rewards here: 
7. Fairshare. Share the post on your profile page and / or outside Yoors and earn fairly along with the maker by collecting hearts and YP. You both get half of all YP you collect through the shared post. So fifty fifty. For example: The voter gives 100 YP. You and the creator both receive 50 YP.
8. Pay per Post. Determine a price for content that you have put a lot of love into. Think about courses, art, video recordings, extensive reports, research articles, etc. 
9. Beneficiary. The earned YP of an entire post is transferred to a Yoors member or hashtag of choice . Have you been chosen as a beneficiary? All YP goes to you. Surprise another Yoors member and make them happy by choosing them as beneficiary.
10. (EXPIRED) Supporterviews and pageviews. Supporterviews and pageviews will continue to exist, but their rewards on the other hand will expire.       
Disclaimer: 1000 YP = 1 Euro. Everyone is responsible for the distribution of their own YP. Refunds are not possible. So share, vote and transfer YP responsibly. Gaming the system to collect YP is not tolerated, we strictly monitor this. It is so much more fun if you don't focus on the YP, while participating with love and passion and still earn cash on the side. #yoorxperience#yoorsupdate #yoors #yoorstips #earncash #yoorsbeta  #yoorslove #yoorspremium #yoorsrewards #payperpost #beneficiary  #pools #yoorsubscriptions   
This post is dedicated to Henkjan de Krijger

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