Yoors Pools: A chance to win free YP in bulk each day

Yoors Pools has been designed as a way for creators to have more fun while making posts by adding a bit of a game-element to Yoors. Wanna be part of the Yoors Leaderboards and be forever marked in Yoors History? Be smart and activate Yoors Pools now! You have probably seen them around: a list of the popular pools has been prepared for you in your remote-control menu on the left. Ranging from 100 YP to 95K+ YP in some pools.


You can now hover over all pools/hashtags included all over Yoors with your mouse to see their available information. It is also a nice shortcut to refill, follow or participate in a pool. Try it out?

After hovering over some pools, I see that there's an amazingly large amount of YP to collect. See the first one on the left for example.

45000 YP!? That sure is a lot of YP in one pool. That actually means that you could earn a total of 45 euros just by activating Yoors Pools. Now the real question is: How do you claim your YP? Have you made a nice post in the past and you would like to compete with others and try out Yoors Pools? Go ahead and read on to what you have to do next.

Pools are here to inspire


Pools are here to encourage makers to make beautiful things together and also supporting each other to make good content. So you can also support a pool by clicking the heart on a pool once or twice. All followers of the pool will then be notified that a sponsor has joined the pool with new Yps. The Yoors points will be distributed as described below.

How do I participate in a pool competition and win YP?

Activate a pool on one of your posts by clicking on the Pool setting, next to the other settings in the quickpost editor or above all the other settings in the blog-editor under the Publish Tab.

1. Choose your pool . I chose #yoorsupdate

2. Choose the amount of time that you want to participate, you can edit this amount by adjusting the slider or typing it in.

3. Entrance fee: One day participation costs 1 thousandth of the pool.  This entrance fee will be deposited into the pool.

3. Choose your payment method. Default will be set to 'YP' so it will be subtracted from your Yoors Wallet. No more YP left? Other payment methods are also possible.

4. Save your settings and finally publish your post.

5. You are participating in the pool for the amount of days you chose!





Climb your way up on the Yoors Leaderboards

Receive 10% of the YP available in the pool each day that you participate. The pool for #music has 5000 YP currently.

On day 1 you already win 500 YP if your post has received the most votes. This amount will be withdrawn from the pool, leaving the rest of the YP for the next election round. Rules and instructions

1. Make sure that you choose a pool that fits the content of your post. If your post is not about #music , you can't participate in the pool #music .

2. Winners will be elected on 22:00 GMT (00:00 NL time) every day from now on. You have a full 24 hour span to gather the most votes on your post.  To win you need to surpass the minimum of 10 votes per day.

3. A leaderboard will be visible on the top of each participating post to guide you throughout the way. Therefore you can track how many votes you still need to climb up and become #1 (again).
4. Check the exact countdown on the pool page. There's still 8 hours left to activate your first pool!

Get free Yoors Boosters that grow with 10 YP

Receive a Yoors Booster that grows with 10 YP each time someone votes for your post. By default, you will only receive the amount that the voter gives you. But if you enter a pool contest , you can receive even more YP with each and every new vote you get and it starts at 10 YP.

BUT! you do not receive boosters if a user already voted on your post in the past. You only get boosters with each new user.

These boosters also reset each day at 22:00 GMT and start counting back at 10 YP.

These boosters will be subtracted from the pool. Leaving the rest for the other participants and daily winner.

I will show you an example of my notifications. After following the instructions on how to activate yoors pools. Yoors Boosters can be recognized by the rocket icons.

1. At my first vote, I received 10 YP extra

2. At my second vote, I received 20 YP extra


3. At my third vote, I received 30 YP extra


Quiz Time

Q: If i receive 10 votes (with a value of 10 YP) after activating Yoors Pools. How much Yoors Boosters and YP do I receive?

A: I will receive 10 Yoors Boosters and receive (10 + 20 +30 + 40 + 50 + 60 +70 +80 +90 + 100 ) = 550 YP extra on top of my votes.

If each vote valued 10 YP, i will receive a total of (10 x 10 ) + 550 = 650 YP.

Q: How much would i receive without Yoors pools?

Without Yoors Pools, I would only receive 100 YP. Get your profit now by activating Yoors Pools! You only pay 100 YP to participate a day, and could earn 10 x more.

Pools will shrink and grow

If Yoors Boosters and the daily prize will get subtracted from the pool, while the entry fees get deposited into the pools, it's logical that pools will continue to grow and shrink. Let's do a few calculations, shall we? Imagine we have a pool of 5000 YP. What happens if 10 people participates for 4 days, 1000 YP in Yoors Boosters has been handed out to others while the daily prize at the end of the day will get handed out?

  • The paid entry fees  (100 a day) will be deposited into the pool.
  • The Yoors Boosters (+10, +20, etc) for the participants will be subtracted from the pool
  • The daily prize (10%) for the winner will be subtracted from the pool

  • That's (10 x 100 x 4)= 4000 YP.  5000+ 4000 = 9000 YP
  • After Yoors Boosters have been handed out, there will be 9000 - 1000 = 8000 YP left.
  • The winner will receive the daily prize of 800 YP (0.10 x 8000). After the daily prize has been handed out there will be 7200 YP (8000 - 800) left for the next day.

Today at 22:00 GMT ( 00:00 Netherlands), the next election will take place. Will you be one of the winners?


Activate Yoors pools by creating or editing a post. After 00:00 you will receive a notification if you won and you will be rewarded with your deserved Yoors Points. Look forward to this notification shown on the left as you are the rightful winner.

Disclaimer: Yoors pools is still being tested. Saw a bug? Click on Submit a bug report in the side menu on the right. Thanks for using Yoors and till the next time #yoorstips , #yoorsnews