Yoors update: Win up to 100% of a pool

We are releasing a very cool update. Currently it's only possible to win 10% of the pool. But starting tomorrow, 24 September 2020, you can win up to 100% (Yes, the whole pool!!!!!).

The amount of unique participants in the pool, determines the percentage that the winner will win. This with a maximum of 100% ofcourse (Photo 2 below).

I am not going to list all percentages, you guys surely can count from 1 to 100 right? Every time 1 participant enters the game, 1% gets added to the total!!!

1 participant = 1 %
10 participants = 10%
19 participants = 19%
25 participants = 25%
51 participants = 51%
100 participants = 100 %
1000 participants = 100%

Consequences? This will cause pools to be filled with more participants each day, making it more fun.

Do you wish to receive a bigger prize and up the pool percentage quickly?
  1. Simply add boosters to the pool and this will send a notification to all members, so they will join the pool you're participating in.
  2.  Or recruit your friends and family to join you in the contest.

But Babita, can I win 1 million YP in one go? Yes ofcourse! That'll all be possible if the pool is indeed filled with 1 million YP. You just have to find 100 more players to compete with you ????????????