Youth sentiment... candies from the old box

When a good friend asked me if I remember what M&M's used to be called, I had to remain guilty of the answer, but my curiosity was immediately awakened. Slowly we began to dig into our memory for the names of sweets that we loved as a child. The best part was that sometimes we even remembered the commercial slogans that belonged to them.

- Bonitos. - Yeah

“Melt in the mouth, not in the hand”

This chocolate candy with colored sugar layer later also got a variant with a white face.

And there was also one with a peanut, then only in chocolate color.

Treets was the name.

Now we know them all under the name M&M's

Another candy that I was totally fond of:- Raider. - Yeah“Cut for the tasty appetite”

Now known asTWIX


This nostalgic candy was marketed in 1949 and is now available only in a different packaging

“Rank is Rank only if it says Rank”


A coin that tingled your whole mouth, because the candy looked like a lifebuoy, some called it “life savers”

Their slogan:“Polo, the mint with the hole”

Oh, Perrette

This popular Belgian chocolate bar, which was marketed by Meurisse, Belgium's first major chocolate factory in 1905, ceased to exist in 1986 but was re-released during the Antwerp Chocolate Week (from 3 to 12 March 2017), they are now available from the chocolatiers Lints and Del Rey in Antwerp.

Cow bar

A cocoa pantasia that originally comes from the Netherlands but is made in Belgium since 1999. The original characteristic packaging was then restored and sales started to rise again.

- Chiclets. - Yeah

In the 60s and 70s this chewing gum was distributed to Esso gas stations for promotion (when fuel workers were still supplying your car), later this was a very popular gum brand.

“- Chiclets. - Yeah, great taste”was their slogan.

Another popular gum was

Donald bubblegum

In the Netherlands a bright pink chewing gum, in Belgium it was white because the dye that caused the pink hue was not allowed. Probably, this candy was so popular because of the comic book story that was included, and later because of the fake tattoo.

I don't know if they're still available now.

Do you remember sweets that have long disappeared from the shelves or have a completely different name in the meantime? I am curious.