Mystery Quilt 2017-9 - It's a top! #QuiltvilleMystery - Zus van de Doppen

Every year my favorite designer Bonnie Hunter (Quiltville) starts a mystery quilt. Everybody all over the world can sew along for free and I’m one of the many participants.

Bonnie is famous for designs of scrap quilts and I really love how they turn out.
This is my 4th Bonnie Mystery. When the colors were revealed in October 2017, I was stunned.

Beautiful colors and an almost perfect match to a set of small quilted wall hangings my sister was working on.  This is one of them:

Therefore instead of making a scrappy cozy throw for myself, I decided make a throw size quilt for my sister using yardage in the same colors as her wall hangings.

“Why don’t you make two?” I can hear you ask. Well, as a full time working lady and hand quilting all my quilts myself, I have decided to start only one large quilt per year - Bonnie’s mystery.

The working name of my sister’s wall hangings was “de doppen” (Dutch for the caps) as she was working on something with appliqued circles. A bit of background information on her wall hangings can be found HERE (Dutch only).

Because she is my sister the name for my quilt will be “Zus van de doppen” (Dutch for sister of the caps).
She smiled when I told her that :-) and she was very pleased that somebody wanted to make a quilt for her.

I have not been able to keep up with all the clues of the mystery but at least I did sew parts of each. Thanks to the excellent descriptions in the pattern – read, read and read again until you fully understand what you’re supposed to do – all the units went together quite well.

Then came the part of putting up all units on my design wall. Nothing fancy, just an old sheet clamped in front of two bookcases…. but it works fine for me.

Carefully looking at the picture in the pattern and pinning the pieces in the right way.

Continue sewing the rest of the units, while sewing the blocks on the design wall together as leaders & enders.

So far so good…. Until I mixed up two blocks and discovered the sashing pattern was messed up!

Did you find the mistake before looking at the picture with the pointers? Fortunately the mistake was a quick fix and the units are now where they belong.

Somebody in the Facebook group suggested to first lay out or pin the sassing strips so you could see the pattern, and only after the sashing were placed correctly add the rest of the units. Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that?

Bonnie announced she would do a final link up party on February 5, 2018. Half of my top was sewn together at that point and I had only a week to finish the rest…

My husband will be away for two evenings that week – yeah! Me-time = sewing time!

And suddenly…. Tadaa! It’s a top! And of course we need a nice winter picture too :-)

Now I can share my picture on the final Mystery Link-Up page.
The Link-Up page is a great way to see alternative color ways some participants worked with and alternative design options some participants used. Did you take a look already?


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