The story behind a quilt #1 - Birthday Girl (Elephant Abstractions)

March 2017. While browsing on the internet my eye was caught by a quilt of an elephant. I immediately fell in love. After some research, I discovered it was a pattern called Elephant Abstractionsfrom Violet Craft.

I’m a budget quilter and the pattern wasn’t cheap so I really doubted whether I should order it or not.
A few weeks later, my sister (also a quilter) came to visit and I showed her the pattern. At that point also my husband got involved. They both were enthusiastic.

My husband told me I could buy it for my birthday (in April) and my sister said she would give a part of the required fabric for my birthday.

We have been looking at different color options (just did a picture search for Elephant Abstractions) and my husband picked a purple one.

Sooo…. From that moment everything went quick. I ordered the PDF pattern online .

Our printer could not handle the paper size of the pattern so I had to spend a few extra Euro’s to get the pattern printed at a print shop. The finished size of the quilt should be 54” x 60” (137 x 152 cm).

Unfortunately I have only one wall in my living room where I can fit one. And even then the toes will reach behind the couch. So a smaller version was preferred....

I had the original size pattern printed at a local copy shop (costs EUR 6.17) and I asked them whether it would be possible to print the pattern on a smaller size paper, without losing the scaling. Well of course it is possible but it would cost me - more than I would like to spend.

At work we have a copy machine that can handle various sizes and it has the option to copy from A3 to A4 (yes, I'm in the Netherlands ;-) ).

I drew some lines in cm on the first page (horizontal & vertical) to see what would change. It turned out the whole pattern was reduced to 70% of the original size and it looked like all parts still line up...

I checked my stash for fabrics I could use. I had only a few purples so my sister and I had to go shopping! We found all the purples I needed… and more!

I had not decided on the background color yet so that was left open for now. It was very busy in the quilt shop and when we unpacked our fabrics at home it appeared my sister had a few pieces of extra fabric she hadn’t picked (but had paid for). She didn’t like the unexpected pink fabric and she challenged me to put at least one little piece in my quilt. May one toe nail or so….

It was my intention to start working on the elephant AFTER my birthday (3 weeks later), it really was….
Guess what happened?

[to be continued]

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