Zonsondergang bij hoogwater aan de Waal - olieverf schilderij

Zonsondergang bij hoogwater aan de Waal in de omgeving van het dorpje Ooy bij Nijmegen. Aan de overzijde van de rivier - de drukst bevaren rivier van ons land - een van de weinige nog overgebleven steenfabrieken.

2001 ABK Olieverf op doek, 50x70 cm. 

Dit schilderij is geschilderd met Rembrandt Olieverf. Bekijk HIER de olieverf sets die online te koop zijn 

Alle schilderijen (van ABK) die hier op Yoors gepost zijn, zijn te koop. Bij interesse kunt u een persoonlijk berichtje sturen of hieronder uw reactie plaatsen.

Cottage to C
A great album Youp van't Hek.. In the middle of corona time Youp van't Hek recorded his perhaps most personal record.. Along with friends, in a seaside cottage. Intimate lyrics about melancholy and desire, ageing, great dreams and missed opportunities, but sometimes of course as old, full of bewilderment and disbelief over his fellow man. Youp van't Hek and Ton Scherpenzeel have been writing their songs for the comedian's theatre shows since 1984.. Youp the lyrics first and then show the music.. And once in a while they make it an album.. This time recorded in a gazebo on the North Holland coast with regular musicians such as Rens van der Zalm, the string quartet Matangi and the singer Janne Schra.. Now listen to the previews of all tracks from the brand new album 'House Aan C' by Youp van't Hek 1. Always Thirst • 00:00 2. Forgot To Love 00:27 3. believing 00:53 4. broke 01:14 5. Travel 01:53 6. Quit Nnagging 02:14 7. Who Know What The Truth Is 02:32 8. There's always a girl 02:54 9. In The City 03:18 10. God Oh God 03:40 11. Little Room From Then 04:06 12. Die In The Harness 04:33 13. Wake Up 04:57 The result is a special album.. You can see and hear in this documentary that it was made by friends.
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