01-07-2021... Diagnosis Breast Cancer - Waiting also gives you a rash

Well, the results. I would get it from the surgeon at 2.35 p.m. and at 3.15 p.m., I would speak to the oncologist for the plan of action on his part.
At 3pm my dear faithful friend, who is always the spill of me, because she /was really waiting for all hospital visits in the (distant) past. With fifteen minutes to go before the oncologist appointment, we went to the reception of the mommy center to get a story. The surgeon just walked by and told us that the appointments were combined. “I'll pick you up like that,” she said.
Well, that 'so' was about half an hour later.
Blazing I was. Really blazing ! I didn't come to celebrate a party, but I waited for a serious rash that could determine my life, or throw a giant mess.
The fact that I had breast cancer with metastases to the lymph nodes was already clear, but I had metastases in the rest of my body? I was like death for it.
When we were allowed to hear the result at God's grace, I asked the surgeon to wait for the results, because I had to get rid of my shagger and anger for a while. She looked up right from her computer screen.
I just want to say that you just DON'T let someone wait an hour at these types of appointments. I would think that after so many years of experience, you know how stressful this is.
- I take responsibility directly, she said, but my office hours ran out.
It would have been a little trouble making me call in advance, or while you walked past me a few times, saying it's going to be an hour later. Hadn't been fun yet, but does provide clear communication.
Sadly, set the tone ! For me, then. I can't speak for her, but my trust did get a dent.

Then the rash. It could have been worse, let's just put it up there.
No metastases in my organs, but still in the thyroid gland. It was in barley anyway, even without cancer. The thyrax takes over its operation daily, so I don't get 200 kilos.
It struck me that she didn't say what kind of cancer I had. In my file, I had read in the MRI result that the conclusion was T4d. That's a bad thing and chances of healing significantly lower in superlative, than T4. The form T4 was what she explained.
I'll give you a link so you can read the difference of these two forms.

So when I asked her what kind of breast cancer I had, because I had read in my file that there was a conclusion T4d.
Without a second of thought, she said:
'That's a typo.’
'A typo!!!!'
My brain just about liquefied.
So I asked to get some clarity to myself, if I have a cancer, which is basically 100% curable.
She answered in the affirmative and so did the oncologist. Okay, T4 so. But she wasn't done yet, because she indicated that the breast should be amputated with high probability.
Hell and damnation, hurricane power F5 and a brain level tsunami, all reached me at the same time and swirled me out of my seams. Fortunately, these storms couldn't stop me from saying (my brain also seems to have a life of its own, besides mine):
'I would also like a reconstruction.'
To which she replied is not completely risk-free.

But I was already sucked into the eye of the hurricane.
Suddenly a skin bioption had to be taken. Later, my girlfriend told me why, because I hadn't been able to see that.

I went totally in resistance. All those spraying and picking from my chest, which had become so fragile in a short period of time, I could barely bear.
But the lady surgeon was resolute and that's nice again. Sputtering was allowed, but before I knew it was over.
I bled like a beef and my white blouse eventually turned red. Additional mess. sigh.

Let's explain the skin biopia. As I asked for a reconstruction right away, she indicated that my skin was inflamed. So the biopsy was needed to see if everything was okay.

And then the oncologist's story. We hit it off right away and that was nice. By the way with the surgeon also initially when I had her ultrasound done, but her communication left something to be desired.
The oncologist also reaffirmed that in principle, it is 100% curable, but was going to be a very long way. Nine courses of chemo and immune therapy every three weeks.
In my optimism, I thought: 'Oh, that can be overlooked.'
He forgot to tell you that the cures consisted of 2 Tuesdays. So that's 18x in total. Djeezzzz
He did say some kind of hopeful, that maybe we didn't have to do all the cures.

After these courses there will be sometime on the way, an operation (with amputation or not) and finally 4 weeks every day except for the weekend, irradiation. And then this is the shortest path to healing.

Long story short.
Fill in what could have been behind those dots.


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