02/06/2020... Contact with the other side

A special story, as I may have many, from the 'old' spiritual box.
For years I have taught Intuitive Development courses. What many people don't know is that everyone, in more or less gift, is born with intuition. We could make contact with each other's energy, but also with the energy of deceased people. How many times do you hear stories that kids heard their grandfather or grandmother say something they never could have known...
As we get older, this contact fades away by the daily worries, thinking and other things.
Fine, but know that you can always 'pick up' this contact with yourself and (deceased) others.
Well, that's what my courses were for.
Learn to connect with yourself, others and dead Souls.

I can be moved if I make contact with the “other side “. Sometimes I consciously ask for contact, sometimes it happens to me and I don't always know what happens.
So, now about eight years ago during the course Intuitive Development.
The idea was that I gave the participants a name and the participant writes down as much as possible what information comes to him/her with this name.
The name was my grandmother's. Nobody knew she was my grandmother and that she had died by now. My grandmother has the name that can be given for both a boy and a girl.
After a quarter of an hour everyone was pretty much unsubscribed and I was curious what information they had picked up.
My first contestant indicates that this is a young man and even describes him and also confers on him all sorts of qualities that are not my grandmother's.
Before I say something, I first let all students speak and then look at the insights.
What joins my surprise? All participants are totally off the path and saw by the name of my grandmother a man or boy and they saw things that I couldn't bring back to my grandmother.
Totally stunned, I told my contestants that it's my grandmother, but that I don't recognize her from their observations.
I indicated that I was going to sleep on it for a night, because it is of course too striking that all participants are off course. I didn't know why yet, but I trusted the answer would come.
The answer was faster than I expected and it wasn't the best news.

When I drove home after the course night, I couldn't go back down the main street. The flashing lights came to meet me and I immediately felt that here was the answer of the course evening. I drove around through the side streets and I came across the main street.
I looked right down the street where police cars and ambulances with flashing lights were standing.
And just past the intersection on which I was driving, I saw two black boxes (shoes) coming from under a sheet.
This was the boy all my students talked about.
Needless to say, I was pretty scared. My heart was pounding in my throat.
At home, I was too shocked to do anything with it on a spiritual level.
(people who die unexpectedlyI cando not see the light where they are allowed to go, because they do not know they have died. Then you stay as it were in a twilight zone (earthly term). And as a lightworker, medium or otherwise working, can help bring the deceased to light.)
I couldn't make contact to “check “if this boy had passed well.
A day later, I got in touch with him.(Time and place does not exist in the universe. I will come back to you again)
He had not gone over.
I brought him to the light together with my (deceased) father and his own guides and helpers.
I have brought people to the light before and it strikes me that each has its own light.

I went up the Internet to see if there was a condolent register for this boy and if I could find out his name like that.
That register was indeed there and with that information I informed my students about what happened the week before.
A lot of information corresponded to what they had seen and it goes without saying that they fell very quiet. Just like I did the week before.

With the group we thanked him that evening for all the information we were able to receive. But also for the insights and this very special, but very sad experience.

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