02/15/2020... Spring???


Hey, but that's practical. I saw this topic of the Wibra appear in my mail and was completely happy about it. Never heard of Rompers announcing spring, but if a romper helps, I buy it.
I went to the Wibra and bought 5 rompers because I'm ready for spring.
Now you should know that the Wibra doesn't have fitting rooms, so when I got home, I put them on. At least an attempt was made.
As it turns out, none of the rompers I adjust. They won't even get past my ankle. And now?

I'm gonna sit down and think, because I'm in the mood for the spring. Next to me are two treasures of cats sleeping. That is the solution.
I hoist the four-legged friends in a romper, but their reaction was not entirely expected. In any case, it did not announce spring, rather thunderclouds in clear skies. I'm still licking my wounds. Well, yeah, plastering, actually.
I haven't bothered to get rid of that romper again, because they can do that by themselves given their sprawling nails.
So I go to my pigeons. Always in good condition. I thought it would save a lot of work cleaning the loft when they have a romper on. Pigeon & Co. look at me a bit skittish when I show them the rompers. They shake their heads and walk away. But I'm not for one hole to catch and give Marietje first her romper. She picks her beak at my fingers, which I know how to avoid. Now practiced after my kittens. Within three seconds, Marietje runs out of the neck opening. Hmmmmm, that doesn't get along. I'll take a rope to tie it to her. So hey, Marietje is not amused and I have to admit that her wings look a little crumpled through the armholes. After an animated conversation, we decided it's not for her and Iza is spared the torture, as Marietje calls it.

I walk in again, completely disillusioned and see on the kitchen floor two torn rompers and two seething cats next to it.

Dear Wibra,
I really tried to bring the spring out a little in the year, but believe me, that's not possible with bodysuits. I have two chagged cats now, and my two pigeons have a day's panic attack, and I don't fit them either!
And now it turns out that it's just still winter,with your rompers!

With a disappointed winter salut,
- Marion. - Yeah

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