02/17/2020... That storm Dennis has something on his conscience...


Yes, Iza!!!
I would look like that if I produced an egg for ALWÉÉR.
This would be pretty good considering my age, but that aside.
That storm Dennis is blowing the eggs out of you!!

Did you not incubate the previous two (less than a week ago) and therefore I took them away for lack of interest, and yes, I see your Marietje shaking things up with you.

Marietje. Yeah, we got a problem there. Now I know for sure that Marietje is no Marietje. That Belgian ex-owner gave her a pretty wrong gender.
Now you see what gender neutral can give to problems!
Nonsense with your neutral. Unexpected babies are coming from it! 😉
Marietje is not gay, no transexual, no hermaphrodite, no..., she (?) is just a guy with a pee. And that little wurmpie is just busy with Iza.

Just as well I have a problem now, because the name Marietje, named after my mother, is no longer correct. Well, that name was for a reason, but I can't keep calling a guy Marietje. Maybe that's why he's so hot to show that he's a real guy 🤔
Yeah, and now I can only think of one thing, and that's Jaap or Japie. To my mother's father. But I already had a cat with that name, which, by the way, I both, just like überkat Tom, with name and sex unsolicited from the neighbours. So Japie is not such a tight plan either, because then I think about Japie every time...

liefdeJapie really does not look like Marietje 😋

But the name of my father's father... Iza is named after my father (Izak), so it's so nice, right?
Think my mama's pretty good.
Yeah, but now I have another problem... What is his name again? I never witnessed him deliberately. That is going to be scanning my brain...
It took me 15 minutes and suddenly I remembered, Grandpa Dirk.

So, Marietje, is renamed Dirk. That's a little getting used to, because his name is Marietje for half a year. That's how I had a cat once, and it was called Sientje. And big sweet fat silky red hangover, but he listened to his name, so I never changed it. But Marietje has never listened to me. Not even when I asked you to slow down with that, um... you know... with Iza.
Like teenagers, doing the exact opposite of what you ask.
Oh, wait... In this I suddenly recognize myself... oops

But all the birds on a stick... except Dirk, because he can't fly, and he only does high jump on Iza. SIGH

I'm gonna shake eggs again...


In the other corner is Dirk and while I take Dirk's picture, Iza comes in fast to protect him...

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