140W September A low-carbohydrate human bite or the egg

140W September A low-carbohydrate human bite or the egg

“Hey!!! You told me you ate low-carbohydrate, what are you making me?
“Well, I didn't see a label on you saying you were carbs, and I had gotten a lot of craving from all that read and typing on Yoo.rs. So I was in the mood for a bite, my overgrown father was never too fat and he lived like a cannibal. So human flesh had to be low-carbohydrate.”
“Go away, you half-wit, cannibal! You mean scumbag.”
“Well, stay a little nice, I know it's okay: if you can get me the egg of pino the blue bird and that pink flamingo, we won't talk about anything anymore and I won't eat anything from you. That big mysterious egg, that must be a feast. And then that untenable situation on the cruise ship is immediately remedied.”

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