20-07-2021... Diagnosis Breast Cancer - Come on Chenezing

I'm ready. Not nervous, but maybe a little. sneaky. The upper pressure of my blood pressure was 148. Suppression 88. A bit nervous, maybe.
Later the day, it went down nicely to level 'perfect'.

I'm not a good morning person, but since my current job, I've been awake early by default and the former night person inside me, almost no longer lives. Will be through age.
That's not to say I've got it all in a row in the morning. Especially if I have to leave at 8am. It turns out, because I left my thermos tea outside at the door. I parked it on the floor to lock the door. Fortunately, I find out in time that I don't have my divine good.

Up to the hospital. Dinnetje takes me away and will pick me up later in the day. When we get out of the hospital, I think it's crazy that she's carrying a plastic bag next to her handbag. But I'm not asking.
However, at 1 :00 am I find out what she has been in that plastic tassie. She has also prepared for lunch and goodies.
And she knows me longer than today, because if she had said she would stay with me all day, I would have sent her subiet home.
I did try to bully her away, of course. I left poopies, drilled and whined she had to leave, but she didn't go.
Well, yeah, you'd better make it a good job, and that's what happened.

I have a room for myself and that's nice. Very nice. Did I ask for.
Around nine, the drip goes in and drip. Immune medication first. Sometime suggested if they can't boost the speed of drip. But the ladies are unflappable and do not listen to my wishes. They want to know if I'm getting bumps, vomiting or other unwanted behavior or not, on this first day. Next time dropper goes full speed. That saves 3 hours in time.

While chatting and cuddly, the moment of the ice sheet comes. DÉ Ice Sheet. To protect my capillaries from the chenezing. Because of the cold on my head, -8°, the capillaries contract. Chances of success that I can keep my hair is 48%. Otherwise it just falls out anyway. But I think it's worth trying.
I can feel my blood pressure rise. I do it voluntarily, huh?! Nobody says it has to. Except me. But I refuse to look sick. And all the hair I can save is one.
It's half two when that thing goes on my head and I feel like a jockey right away. They don't look with a cap like that either.
It's cold but it's cold (?) slow up. For my feeling it doesn't get colder, but the device really indicates -8°.
HUH? So this is it?
Yes, this is it, the nurse said.
Yes, real.

At the same time as the ice sheet I get a good in my drip, of which I get droppy.
Well, that works out well. I'm in the octopus and track track at the same time. delightfully.
I don't really feel like a sleeping beauty right now, so again I'm trying to send my dinner away.

You don't want me to sleep all afternoon, I'm still trying.
No, I stay. I have a book with me, so you go to sleep.
Yeah, well, I think it's a waste of your time. Shouldn't you go shopping or something?
No, I stay.
You're a cross!
I'm sure you recognize yourself in that.
And we laugh.
Well, take a picture of that doppie on my head. That thing closes my eyes. I feel like a pug.
And again we laugh.

At five o'clock it's ready. We can go home. My fleece vest still hangs on the coat rack and my warm socks and scarf are still untouched. Can I just leave the happy briefcase next time. Or maybe not. Just to be sure.

Half stoned I walk to the car like a zombie. I am appetite and warm up my prepared food. I feel like I want to sleep and get dressed and I'm not lying yet or I left for the next day.
I'm kind of tense up. What does the chenezing do to my body?
At least I'm not nauseous.
Tired, but I can't sleep.
Notice that bowel movements are not good, so take Movicolon and again in the afternoon, but nothing happens. Also good, can I do a nice market and some other groceries.
I want to buy flowers on the market, and make a flower slice for that fummy friend of mine. Did she deserve after spending a whole day with me?.
By night I notice that I have been declined. I had flowers left, but put them in the bucket of water to make it a flower piece for myself the next day.


And then day two after the chenezing. Just as exciting. Bowel movement is not going again. Then just nod my own laxative pill. Help, intestines, pooping!
And with this pill, success is assured.

I'm kind of tired. It's weird tiredness. Because real daytime sleep doesn't work out (yet). Try it. From moving I'm rekindling. So I move.
So today a walk in the shopping street near me, looking for hair mousse, PH-neutral.
And because my mouth feels a bit raw, I treat myself to ice cream along the way. That seems to help. So not.
Of course I notice that something happens in my body. Dry. Prepared, though, but drought in crazy places I'll say. There where you don't put lip balm on.

Now we're writing 9:36pm and I'm going to wash my hair and see what happens to the mousse. Whether it dries out my hair without alcohol or just curls it again, because they have been slammed by the ice sheet. And since it is desirable not to wash your hair immediately the day after chenezing, so that your hair does not break off.
Well, I don't look. The hair wash has done my hair well, anyway. Or should I say, it did me well?

Tomorrow I'm going to see the hair specialist. If the ice sheet doesn't hit, I'll want her on my head.
No hair on my head thinking about walking around with a gourd. The women who do, I find so, so brave!!
Or with a hat. Scarf is still fun, but I'm still immediately recognizable as a cancer patient. It doesn't matter, but when I look in the mirror, I don't want to feel sick because of my appearance.
So, wig.
Pretty curious if she has a nice curly cup in her file. Or maybe something totally different. Seems pretty fun to me too.
But this is basically for certainty. A backhand. I don't need to order right away.

Will be prosecuted.


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