Huge Babyboom late 2020 thanks to lockdown

Biggest Babyboom Ever

With 2.6 billion (one-third of the world's population) in a form of lockdown, this could lead to the biggest babyboom ever.

The Netherlands saw its last baby boom in the period 1945-1955. The same applies to many other countries involved in the Second World War. But what we can now look forward to is a global Babyboom in countries where the number of births has only been declining over the last 10 years. In some cases, such as in the United Kingdom, the number of babies has even been dropped with 50% in comparison to the 1947 Babyboom.

The current lockdown could change that. Where statistically it is already visible after a prolonged power outage, even though it remains difficult to prove it takes more than a lack of power to make a baby, proving the increased number of births due to the lockdown will be easier. Simply because the numbers will be so large that denying it will make no sense.

Lockdown Baby Tree easily explainable

It is quite simple, first of all they seek consolation in these times. There may even be an unconsciously survival mechanism that makes humans more inclined to reproduce themselves in critical times. But the simplest reason is that 2.6 billion people now have more time for their partner than ever before.


Where some people believe that this virus is a punishment from Mother Earth, because the current 8 billion residents have become a little too much for her. I'm afraid there's a real chance that the number of births due to the lockdown will be greater than the number of people that will not survive this virus.

I will also make an estimated guess on the most popular names among newly-born boys and girls at the end of 2020, for boys that will be Cor and for the girls Rona.