5 Tips to get through your day | #Coronavirus | #Thuis #quarantine | #Covid19

Are you in? #thuis #quarantaine because of the #coronavirus And do you feel a little lost now that you can't go outside? Some people may already be satisfied that they don't need anything during these days, where others will fly up against the walls while they can't go to work. Below are some tips you can do during these extra days at home.

Below tips for those who do not want to sit behind the TV while they are in #thuis #quarantaine sit:


1. Start with the large #lente #schoonmaak

I don't know about you, but with this extra alertness on #hygiene I immediately get the #schoonmaak #kriebels - Yes. I notice that I clean more often and also there are already some places of the house thoroughly cleaned. Although I'm not going to do everything in one day, I plan to go through this as good as being an early #lenteschoonmaak - Yes.

Never hurt, right?

2. Searching and #schoonmaken (superfluous) #speelgoed

While you are busy with the big general spring cleaning, you can help your child (if he or she is not allowed to go to school) by soaking up his or her own toys. Here we are going to take the time to see every day what of the toy can be cleaned up in a box (whether or not for now) to see if something can be cleared again now that our daughter is almost a year older and new toys will be added. Ideal moment to critically snooze through the toys.

Of course, the kids love it when they can help with cleaning.


3. Swap your #winter #garderobe (partly) for #lente #kleding

This point of course depends partly on the climate in the country where you live, but here spring is already starting to show itself so I notice that the real thick winter clothes have not been worn anymore. This I am now slowly washing and #opbergen And that feels good, I have to say.

I notice that thinning winter coats already gives me a lighter feeling in my head. I always think it takes up so much space, and I'm always happy when those thick scarves, mittens and hats can be back under the bed for a while.

4. Finishing those tasks on your to-do list

I don't know about you, but I have a to-do list that's constantly on the move. Things are stripped, but new things are also added every day. I have to write it down or I have no rest.

Now that we stay inside for a few days because of the #corona #virus I plan to empty one of those lists. I can't wait until I have a fully ticked to-do list!


5. A load #homemade #koekjes #bakken

Now that you are at home you will probably notice (or more often than that haha) that despite your overcrowded (cool) closet and freezer, #cravings gets to nice things that you don't happen to have in the house. Why not bake a load of fresh cookies so you feel like you can treat yourself.

Of course, this tip is ideal for parents whose babies are also at home. At least I know that our cargo #fondant is finally going to be opened in the next week. Daughter is already in the mood! And I secretly too!

Hopefully these 5 tips will help you, I will definitely place more in the next week. Even if only to keep myself busy...

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