Coffee with Ingrid

The other day I saw @Ingrid Tips en meer .

She invited me to her house for coffee and a little chat. I felt happy and almost jumped the whole way to her house (I like Ingrid, I like to talk, I like to drink coffee: win,win,win, situation). Ingrid was indeed my first Yoors´s friend transported to real life! She understood how much I love to talking with people, interacting. From my beginning on Yoors, she has stretched out a hand. She helps. She connects. She also helps X connecting to Z.

I imagine coffee is not Ingrid's preference. But knowing me a bit, she was well aware of my undeniable love for this drink. She is so attentive to the other´s wishes… how could she not know? She offered me a steaming, delightful coffee, and I noticed her blowing her own cup. Somehow, that made me feel at home.

Ingrid does many things, different things. Like her mandalas. The beautiful, fascinating, creation of the mandalas. Then she began explaining something to me. I was lost in the explanation, almost from the beginning:

She had done some painting. This part I did understand… a bit. Apparently, not with a pencil. It was some program on the Internet. Suddenly, I saw also many balls, black balls. Just near, another picture quite different.

To this one she called “wings of imagination”!

Honestly, I understood zero!

But I have my dignity. So, calling the day off, I got up and said goodbye to Ingrid.

It was a lovely break in our day. It´s so nice making friends on Yoors!