A cruise with the ark of imagination

Steadily the ship is filling up. Two elephants show clear similarities. It hardly succeeds in distinguishing them, were it not that one trunk is just a little longer than the other. They're arguing with each other a little bit. “Stop tettering about who would take the cake shovel. We're not going to eat pastries, we're fat! ' From the beating slurf I can tell that this is brother and sister. After an approving nod from me, they stomp.

Two giraffes follow. They also have a bit of each other, but the difference in length tells me that I'm dealing with parent and child here. It turns out to be mother and son.

'We have been eagerly looking forward to this day for weeks, 'mother giraffe tells me, a slight apology lies behind it. It's like she's ashamed of their long necks. I would like to welcome them and wish them a lot of fun on their cruise.

Tuffend approaches a locomotive, he has a wagon behind him. This really can't be. Not that the ship could not handle it, but the instructions to allow only animals to come on deck next to the captain and myself, make me stop the train.

“Sorry, I have to deny you access.” A hefty amount of steam escapes from his ears. The locomotive is deeply disappointed, in order to alleviate the suffering I reach it, in order to prevent general steam depletion, my headphones.

Then two bunnies hopping over the shelf. Oh, you, as long as that goes well. It would be a challenge for me to keep them separate for the rest of the journey. I can't get back over my heart. Then look beyond my nose is long. After more in-depth research, I know there's no dirt on the air.

The waiting is still for the guests of honor. The birds. Without them, this story can't go on.

That's where they're coming. The pink flamingo is at the forefront. She looks radiant, has an inexplicable glow over herself, she shines at all. There's some smell on it.

“Hello, everybody, I'm a presenter, get the gangway in, we can mooring.”

Pino happily steps aboard the cruise ship as always, but is stopped byme.

“Ho ho, wait a minute, before you take charge, I'll explain the rules.”

“What's taking over the lead? I'm just announcing that I'm here, so we can leave. After all, without me, you have no story?”

Aha, I get it. The big blue bird means that he is present, not a presenter, he probably got it too high in his sphere and tries out expensive words. Yeah, I'd float a bit if I could play the lead role in a story of my own. But good. Rules are rules. I want to maintain order at all costs. No room for crap.

“Pino, understand that even you have to follow the rules.”

“Yes, yes, I know them. Rule one, never candy out of someone else's window and rule two, don't repeat too often. Do I miss another rule?”

“Yes, the third. There shall not be more than two animals of each breed on board. And no flirting, no slap, and no fiddling among themselves.”

“But those rabbits that boarded right in front of us? They are known for their rocker talents! And that's allowed?”

“After thorough examination, the rattle turned out to have its rattle no longer.”

Pino solemnly promises to keep his wings at home, and I step aside.

But as was to be expected, the evil had already been done. The blue flerks had the pink feathers long before the cruise started. The pink flamingo has smuggled the resulting love egg in her powder box on board and just after the cruise ship leaves the egg starts to burst.

Oh dear help, what now! What a dilemma for Pino. He has to make a choice.

But I cut the collar knot for him, since I have almost the maximum number of words, a special escape clause is set for Pino. The blue-pink striped bigflamingo diving is considered to be a unique biennial breed.

II want to give Dana a challenge which plays on a cruise ship, this cruise ship lives 2 people, and other than animals. Of each animal breed only 2 may be present, 1 female and 1 male (kind of Noah's ark) but pino the big blue bird had a little chat with a pink flamingo before he arrived on the ship, resulting in an egg. Just after leaving the cruise ship the egg starts to burst, Pino has to choose, he from the boat, the egg away or the pink flamingo, the choice is yours.

By @Sabrinaslife87

There can only be a very imaginative story to come true and I love that very much.

by @Naturefreak

Yes, I know, I am too lazy to think of 700 words myself, which is why in this blog I have thankfully used the @Hans from Gemert provided 10 keywords.

by @Dana
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