And it's no mystery: where one makes a profit, another is exploited.

“Capitalism is a form of political organisation in which the pursuit of profit is paramount.
And it's no mystery: where one makes a profit, another is exploited.
The fundamental model that follows from this is that in order to survive within this system, you have to become smarter in exploiting others.

The Internet carries the illusion that we are all interconnected, and in a sense it is. But I think that promise of availability and contact can never really be fulfilled. It means that we are less alone, but in fact, we are becoming more and more isolated from each other. There is contact, but there is no contact.”

“I find that a poor story about what people could achieve together. And capitalism works so well precisely because we believe so firmly that it is not a story we tell ourselves. Because we think that's the way the world is. It's like it's the only game we could play together, like it's the only thing we could do together. What Slavoj Zizek says about it is true: it is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism.”

It is as Lenin said: 'I do not understand why people vote in capitalist democracies at all, because politicians are not the boss, but businessmen. ' I think that is true, unfortunately.”

“The important thing is that people are nice to each other. We're the same kind. We need to be there for each other, take care of each other. I'm not saying that the world is so much together, but I am saying that I want to live in that kind of world.”

So also bought the book of this gentleman. The stack of unread books gets higher and higher.