Pay per Post has been released

You can now ask users to pay a custom price to read your posts. Simply make a post with 250 or more characters (blogposts = 500 characters). Pay per Post for images does not require a character minimum, as we offer effects like blur or pixelate to conceal your pictures. Have much fun with this feature!#payperpost #ppp

Adding PPP to your old posts is also possible! Simply edit them and add a price you want.

Users can now pay for your posts with PayPal and Ideal

With the 'Buy now' button users can now choose to pay for your posts in their prefer payment method, instead of YP. The price to pay the post is cheaper with YP than with euro's. Adjust your desired price with the PPP euro slider, and vice versa with the YP slider.

Add your own HTML-customized introduction text to your Pay Per Post.

  • You can now add your own custom introduction text to your Pay per Post. Users will see this instead of the 200 characters of text on your actual post. Handy for when you want to use the HTML editor and add an exciting piece of text to sell your post with.

Other features

  • Translations of your post will also have the same PPP settings.
  • Users who buy your original posts, will automatically be able to view all the translations of your posts too
  • View your purchased articles through the hamburger menu in the top right corner.
    View a preview of your PPP post after editing/creating it, so that you can see how others see the post when they open up the page

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