Bali is currently in a strict lockdown. In any case until July 20.

All non essential shops, restaurants, bars, etc. are closed. There is also a travel ban.

I just went out to buy half a loaf of bread . And a tin of Red Bull. Max needs to be supported too, not?

(local travel, such as to the local super, is allowed)

I think, you know what, I'm gonna take a look at the beach. But that was closed. There was a barricade set up on the entrance road so no one could get past to the beach.

To the left of the barricade there was narrow opening, so I wrinked myself through it. Behind the barricade it was very quiet. Nobody to see, it was deserted The one and a half meter rule can be maintained here with ease.

So, let's relax for an hour with my legs straightened and my can of Red Bull within reach, just sitting in the sun.

The waves of the light surf roll gently on the beach and a cooling sea breeze caresses my skin, which is slowly tanning due to the glorious sun. Sunlight is playfully reflected by the waves of the sea.

After an hour, I've had enough (otherwise my skin starts wrinkling) and I went on my way back home again.


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