Beau...ty or ugliness?


Inappropriate language is a very powerful thing. When you hear someone curse, you may laugh or you may feel uncomfortable. It is difficult to feel absolutely nothing.

So is it cute because it's funny or, on the contrary, it's always ugly? I will let you decide.

After 3 weeks without speaking because of the coma(and how could I?πŸ˜‰), and another 3 weeks because of brain damage, I finally managed to form the words.

Except I could almost never speak! Whenever I formed a sentence, a simple expression or even a word, amnesia carried it all away and a blind emptiness remained. I stared at my interlocutor helplessly, πŸ˜’at a loss for words. πŸ˜’

But bad language glued to my brain. While harmless words where swept away, the ugly ones kept popping up in my mind, no matter what the context was, no matter who I was talking to. People understood I was cursing myself, my reasoning, and life itself. I was so eager to talk after 3 weeks watching the world go by and unable to participate, unable to say beautiful things, unable to show anger, that I simply had to pour myself into conversation, whatever conversation it was.

This was my only way of participating, belonging, interacting. So everyone smiled and left me swear. Even my father, who had never, ever, heard me use such a language before.

They all chose to see the beauty.

Header photo: amnesia