Is your post worth a 100 euro booster?

Recently, you can make a booster with a minimum number of votes needed to get the booster.
With this post I'm introducing one for you to test this right away: #Iwantthisbooster

You can post anything on this topic no matter what it's about. I advise you to make something good and beautiful.
Let the post be your demonstration of creativity !

If you get the 100 votes, there is 1 x booster of 100.000 Yps or 100 euros.

So the 100th vote (heart) gives you 1 x 100.000 Yps.

You have until 30 April . Then the booster expires. You can and are allowed to use promotions to find your voters.
You are allowed to recruit voters outside Yoors. Because all members can do this as well. Level playing field.

Good luck !