I've had a lot of anxiety in my young life.
Had panic attacks. Often it became too much, then I had to pull myself back. Sometimes I was sick of it and literally couldn't do anything.
I couldn't enjoy any more. I was always overstimulated and never had a rest.
I didn't even know that, rest what was that? Now a year on, I think well, why was I always worried about the craziest things? Why couldn't I enjoy anything? Well, if your head is so full, your body is going to react to it.
But fortunately, this is no longer.! Sometimes I still have it very light, but I can deal with that now. This drawing shows how very small I have felt. Sometimes, especially at first, even my husband Peter didn't understand me. I didn't even understand myself. I didn't dare to eat out and or visit anymore, because I was afraid of this fear. It was his moment of pleasure, just out. And this is what I took from him. Heard from everyone “It's between your ears. Well, no! No one even understood myself. But luckily, I am now an experience richer. And can I enjoy again. But I still have to learn to trust some things like: going out for dinner or eating at others or going to a store. But I'll get there. I've come from far away.


Bullet journal.. Anxiety

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