Mooie sneeuwfoto's maken

Ken je dat? Je gaat naar buiten met je camera omdat het zo'n prachtig landschap is met sneeuw! Maar je foto's worden niet zoals je zou willen, grauw en blauw, en niet helder wit zoals je het zelf ziet!

Je camera zoekt altijd naar een goede belichting van de foto met het licht dat op de sensor valt, bij sneeuw krijgt de sensor te veel wit licht, en zal de camera de foto dus onderbelichten om de balans te vinden. 

Maar dat is hier niet wat je wilt! In fotoshop is best nog wat recht te zetten achteraf, maar het liefst hebben we natuurlijk meteen een goede foto!

De makkelijkste manier is om de foto handmatig te overbelichten! Vaak zit die optie onder het snel-menu (vaak een knopje Q op de camera) je kunt bij +/- de foto 1 hele stap overbelichten. Maak een controle-foto en pas eventueel met kleine stapjes aan. Soms kan je heel eenvoudig de belichting bijstellen met een knopje op je body!

Als je al wat meer bekend bent met je camera, kan je via het menu de witbalans bijstellen. Dat is voor de camera er lastig onder deze lichtomstandigheden! 

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En heb geduld! Wacht tot na de sneeuw, tot er weer opklaringen zijn, dan krijg je nog mooiere foto's! 

Kleed je goed aan, zodat je eventueel met een knie in de sneeuw kan gaan zitten! 

En als het weer gaat dooien? Geen paniek, ook de druppeltjes kunnen prachtige foto's opleveren, kijk maar op de banner-foto boven deze blog! 

Kijk voor meer tips ook bij mijn andere blogs! Maak mooiere foto's en stap af van de automatische stand! 

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So you can grow your own turmeric at home unlimited
#kurkuma #kruiden #gezondheid #diy Turmeric is probably one of the healthiest herbs in the world. - Medical experts claim that this herb provides more than 600 preventive and therapeutic benefits for health. Turmeric has powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which makes this spice very useful for treating and cleaning wounds. But this herb is also very popular for its anti-inflammatory properties. Some medical experts argue that this herb is even more powerful than ibuprofen. This article describes how to grow unlimited turmeric in your own home. So, if you think that this spice is expensive and you would like to grow your own, homemade, 100% natural turmeric, then you should definitely read the article below. How to grow turmeric indoors? This super healthy root has grown from rhizomes, rhizomes. Turmeric itself does not spread seeds. You just need to buy a turmeric root at the nearest supermarket or in your local nature food store. Follow the simple instructions. First you need to break a larger rhizome into smaller pieces that have 2 or 3 buds. Then you need to fill pots with a rich organic soil, which is slightly moist, yet well drained. The rhizomes should be placed approximately 5 cm below the bottom surface, with the buds upwards. When everything is ready, you can add some water. This is it. Your turmeric will also benefit from 2 monthly feedings with a good organic fertilizer or compost tea. How do you water your turmeric? First, you need to know that this root loves water, so you need to keep the soil moist, especially in a warm, dry climate. You need to water the root every two days. Or spray with a spray bottle. In colder climates, he must have less water. The soil should never be soaked! This is the most important key to watering your turmeric. How to harvest turmeric? First, you need to know that it usually takes between 8-10 months for the edible rhizomes to mature. The leaves and stems are also edible, but most people harvest turmeric only for the roots. Different herbs can usually be harvested several times during the growing season, but turmeric can only be harvested once, if it is mature enough. So, when you notice that the rhizomes are large enough, you can dig out all the rhizomes from the pot. The rhizomes are best if they are harvested all at once. take them all out and you can store some pieces for planting for the next season. Please note that you change the soil, because the original soil will be depleted of nutrients. Storage and use You should keep the turmeric roots in a cold and dry place. If you are ready to use your turmeric roots, then you need to follow these simple instructions: in the first place, you need to boil the roots for 45 minutes. After that, you need to store them in a dry place and dry the roots for 1 week. After one week, you need to put on rubber gloves (otherwise your hands will turn bright yellow) and peel the turmeric roots. After that, you can grind the peeled carrots into spices, which you can use in many different meals and dishes. You can also make a delicious turmeric tea or latte. This super healthy root system is full of healthy nutrients that offer a lot of health benefits. This way you can now grow your own 100% organic turmeric spice that you can add to your favorite meals or smoothies. Lasagna with that little bit more - Read more This must be just about the healthiest spring soup - Read more Turmeric is very valuable for women after menopause - Read more Read more - Anise for your health, the kitchen and beauty care - Greek alant, the inulin champion, but also much more - What you need to know about matcha, and how to use it - Source: If you liked it or useful, share it with your friends, they will appreciate it.Click +Follow to stay up to date on Yoors World