Can We Make It Without Fighting

Can We Make It Without Fighting

I could not escape reality today and I am in a much more serious mood unfortunately. The best way for me to feel better is to make something creative and express myself, as some of you know about me.

I appreciate there is a booster I can use to convey this message. Thanks.

I know some of you are feeling the same way about the worlds current events. And we all feel pretty helpless and it's true. We are.

I prefer to be light, whimsical, in the moment, improvisational but this artistic statement is none of those. It's very purposeful. Thought out. Direct.

If you connect with this in someway, please share. I feel like it's bigger than just our scene. I will share it on FB. And if you are able, tip the band, as I always say. Thats how I make a living.

Craig (aka Kamary Phillips, aka URBANITE, aka Sir Charlie London, aka Urban Voodoo, aka, Craig Cohen, aka AKA...)
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