Chakra properties

#Chakra comes from the word cakram and that's Sanskrit for wheel or circle. The chakras refer to the rotating funnel-shaped centers of life energy (also called prana or chi) in the human body. Seven main centers can be distinguished, localized from the bottom of the spine to the crown. Each chakra is associated with a certain color, smell and with a number of physical and psychological functions. Chakras that are blocked or out of balance can lead to a whole range of complaints. Below you will find a list of chakra properties along with their associations to elemental forces such as crystals and fragrances. The latter can be useful in meditations or in chakra healing and magical rituals.

1st Chakra: The Bounce Chakra - Muladhara

The root or coccyx chakra gives us a foundation and foundation and ensures that we stay firmly with our feet on the earth. The root chakra is related to feeling at home and being present in situations and in the here and now. It takes care of your stability as well as the relationship between money, family and work.


Place: end of the spine, between anus and genitals.
Body parts: blood, bones, colon, cell tissue, dentition.
Themes: survival, physical needs, connection with the earth, materialism, self-defense.
Too little active: anxious and nervous, lack of discipline, too lean, rushed.
Overactive: Materialistic, greedy, obese, sluggish.
Action: I am, I have
Emotion: Fear


Color: red
Herbs/fragrance: cloves, nutmeg
Gemstones: Garnet, hematite, ruby, red jasper, petrified wood, fire agate.
Element: earth