Challenge: Yoors world trip in 30 days

Who goes on a 30 day trip? We start on Saturday 27 February from Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands and end on 28 March in Gouda, the capital Yoors.

Every day we go to a different destination. This can be an island, place or country.


What do you have to do to join?

Create a beautiful blog about the post of the day. This can be a travel report, a photo report, a regional recipe, a yors video a work of art and so on.. Let your own creativity run and create original and own content. All blogs of all Year members together form a complete and unique travel report.

Post every blog in the pool #yoorsworldtrip2021 I make the booster for our joint world tour in 30 days #yoorswoldrip2021 to.



Saturday 27 February: Amsterdam

Sunday 28 February: Paris

Monday 1 March: New York

Tuesday 2 March: Venezuela

Wednesday 3 March: Portugal

Thursday 4 March: Antwerp

Friday 5 March: Mexico

Saturday 6 March: Curaçao

Sunday 7 March: Barcelona

Monday 8 March: South Africa

Tuesday, March 9:. London

Wednesday 10 March: Suriname

Thursday 11 March: Argentina

Friday 12 March: Moscow

Saturday 13 March: San Francisco

Sunday 14 March; Australia

Monday 15 March: Ameland

Tuesday 16 March: Berlin

Wednesday 17 March: Venice

Thursday 18 March: Rio de Janeiro

Friday 19 March: Canada

Saturday 20 March: Vienna

Sunday 21 March: Colombia

Monday 22 March: Tokyo

Tuesday 23 March: Bali

Wednesday 24 March: China

Thursday 25 March: Greece

Friday 26 March: Madagascar

Saturday 27 March: Norway

Sunday 28 March: Gouda

Source: Photos from Pixabay

When someone finds it useful to translate the blog and help. Then I will customize the blog.