Co-blogger in the spotlight... And what kind of one...

I met her here at Yoors when an artistically talented lady who loves elephants but prefers to emigrate some bees and a few owls to Iceland. Every day she drives around with a bus and here on Yoors she makes beautiful blogs. Here she shares her encaustic art, her neurographics but also her beautiful pictures and everything but everyday travel adventures with her bus.

I'm sure you guys already know who I'm talking about..

Still not quite sure? Click on the photo on the right and her profile page opens in a new window...

I was already allowed to receive these beautiful cards from her..

How she makes it can be seen in a video she shared here on Yoors.. with a click on the photo on the right you can view it.

Her encaustic art may be magical, her nature photos might be even more magical...

For example, she recently let us enjoy her Walking Iris, shared her budding magnolia and introduced us to the liverflower.

She also shared her trips and search for owls with us with enthusiasm..

Her blogs let you enjoy the beauty of nature and its fun writing style.

I'm already a loyal fan of @Encaustichris and her writings.

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This blog is part of a series of fellow bloggers that I want to put in the spotlight.. I've been walking around with this idea for a while, but with the challenge #yoorsapril2021 I thought it was a good time to start with this today...

More about the challenge can be found here...

This post is dedicated to Encaustichris

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Are you the director of one's own life?
#iwantthisbooster Since the start of the C madness, we are frightened every day through our square box that we watch with whole tribes. Because everything that is told there is automatically assumed to be true. After all, they will know? I have to think about my own life, raised with my parents' standards and values, influenced by the ideas that we were whispered to by school, teachers, fellow students, especially being tough, smoking, drinking beer, bumping after the ladies and so on. It seems a delightful time for many, but there are certainly also people who ask their questions from their own views.. I believe that you should think about what works for you, who you want to be, what you want to achieve in your life, living from your passion, from your heart, and taking responsibility for your life yourself, and working on your own goals no matter how big or small. Never forget There's only one you can make happy That's you. This is vital, don't be indoctrinated and investigate what you do want to take before you put a syringe in your arm. It's better to try to avoid trouble beforehand than to heal later. Nice cheap too, saves a lot of medical costs.
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Among us crochet (free crochet pattern)
#amor #mong us, a game with some kind of astronauts. My son watches songs from it on YouTube and since mom can do anything (ahem..) I went to work. Below you will find a pattern for a “large” 8cm crochet hook 2.5 or “small” 5cm crochet hook 2.5Great among us:Start with the legs make 2 take the color that will become your astronaut. 1. 6vml 2.2in1v 6x =12v 3.1v 2in1v 6x =18v 4.18v 5.18v 6.18v 7.18vHooking 2 legs together18t-primordialLight blue5l5v in 1l2v5v in 1lOther side loose chain 2v1v, 3x 2inv, 4v, 3x 2in1v, 3v20v20vBlack 20vBackpack9L 3vin1, 6v, 3vin1, other side loose chain 6v18v 7 revolutionsFlap8v 1l times, 8v 1l times, 8v 1l times, 8v 1l times, 8v 1l attach timesKSmall6v ml2in1v 6x = 12v3v 2in1v 3x= 15v15 already15v15v15v1v legs together 14v along 1 leg 15v along other leg =30v7 revs 30vDodeb1. 6vml2.2in1v 6x =12v3.1v 2in1v 6x =18v4.18fall5.18v6.18v7.18vHooking 2 legs together6 revs 36v36 trapBone12v2v 3sam 3x =9v9v1 popcorn stitch 8v1v 2sam 7v9v 3v Color change red 2in1v 9x = 18v