Crash course pessimism for the all-in tourist

Maybe you just clicked on this blog out of curiosity.
I hope you have this blog from the beginningwith a thick wink reads.

My inspiration for this writing came spontaneously when I was on a site like reviews about hotels. I do this often before I leave on vacation, just to know what other people's findings are. You can learn a lot from travelers who have stayed somewhere.
A lot of good things, such as: which restaurants in the area are very good, where there are bus connections, whether there are many stairs, sunbeds, umbrellas, towels and so on and what it costs, which trips you should definitely plan...

But always you have people who, when assessing, assign a 5, 4, 3 or even less. (on 10!)
I also read these reviews of course. Sometimes it's just hilarious, especially if you actually visited the hotel.

Therefore, this blog: “Crash course pessimism for the all-in tourist.”

  • Take a big hotel.
    Complaint about the fact that you want to reserve sunbeds with your towel at 8 a.m., but that others are always ahead of you to take the best places. It should be banned!

  • Complaint that the breakfast buffet, with a choice of 167 breads, fruits, vegetables and other varieties, has the same setup every morning.
    And that there's no chocolate.

  • Book a room with sea view in a hotel with a large exotic garden.
    Complaint about the fact that the sea view from your balcony is limited by the greenery.

  • Book a hotel on a cliff.
    Complaint that there is no vast sandy beach near the hotel and that it is a lot of climbing from the sea to the entrance of the hotel.

  • Wait for that one morning when it's cloudy.
    Complaint about the fact that the brochures promised you a sun holiday.

  • Book a room on the ground floor so you're close to everything.
    Complaint of lack of privacy.
  • Find that one hair in the bathroom after cleaning, take a picture of it and complain that the cleaning service is substandard.
  • Find that one creature in your room (spider, ant, cockroach... no matter which one), take a picture of it and complain that there are pests.

Or just enjoy all that beauty around you and praise yourself happy...

Every photo in this blog was taken on the island of Tenerife in April 2019, where I had a blissful holiday.
Without complaining and sawing...

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