Creating happiness

#lifemotto #poetry #meditation

Mornings on the East, the West Sun goes,
Only love and affection it shows.
Bolts of Lightning, thunders, and a storms
Rainbow afterward is born!

South is hope, tie a rope
And swing around,
stay playful Child in the world that's cruel and cold,
You have to stay bold!

Show some respect toward natural inside and out - You;
take heart as a compass and follow North,
creating happiness will be your magical source.

Balance is the key to opening the golden dream door,
it will give you more
then you asked for!

I wrote a similar post on the subject one year ago, and it's true still - creating happiness is my only rule in life!

I had a problem with overthinking it too much, so I wrote a poem that reminds me to stop thinking and start following and listening to my heart but cum grano salis, with a little bit of healthy mind thinking!