Dana the Snow Queen

Though there is nothing cold about @Dana  she is the Snow Queen, or rather a more modern or cool queen than all the other queens.

My 11 year old recently started drawing outfits, so when I saw Dana's challenge I wanted to show off a little what my daughter can do.

So I asked her to show me all the outfits she has drawn and if there was something fit for a Queen.

"Well, I don't have a proper dress for a Queen, but can't she just be a cool queen that wears a tutu type of skirt and a biker jacket?"

"Sure, why not!"

So here you have it Dana, my daughter Gabriella and her chosen outfit for you. You kind of look like a 3 tiered cake here, but that's okay because you are sweet anyway.

So picture yourself on your way to a ball, riding on a motorbike.