Tekenen op gebaksbordjes met porseleinstiften - cadeautip

Heb je binnenkort een verjaardag en zoek je nog een leuk idee om iets persoonlijks te geven? Decoreer dan zelf effen mokken, bordjes of schaaltjes met porseleinstiften. Door de naam van de jarige job erop te schrijven en een onderwerp te kiezen die de jarige leuk vindt, maak je echt iets unieks. 

In dit geval zijn de bordjes "beschilderd" met 'n zwarte porseleinstift. Gemaakt voor Suus, zij houdt van katten. Maar dat had je vast al in de gaten! Ook houdt zij erg van lekkere gebakjes, dus de keuze voor het servies was ook makkelijk.. :) Het tekenen gaat met de stiften supermakkelijk! Geen penseeltjes en potjes verf nodig. 

Bak het servies af, daarna is het gewoon afwasbaar, het kan zelfs ook gewoon in de afwasmachine op 40 graden.


  1. Maak de bordjes eerst vetvrij met een keukenpapiertje en spiritus
  2. Heb je een foutje getekend? Veeg het dan met 'n wattenstaafje met wasbenzine weg 
  3. Laat het nog even 10 minuten drogen en verwarm de oven voor op 160 graden 
  4. Zet het servies dan in de oven en bak het 25 minuten op 160 graden
  5. Na 25 minuten doe je de oven uit en laat je het een tijdje in de oven afkoelen 


28/08/18: Inzending van Wendy Oostra ontvangen, van Kindercentrum Lutje Heem. "Wij hebben als afscheidscadeau voor onze stagiare, met de kindjes vingerafdrukjes op een bordje gezet, met alle namen erbij. Was een superleuk cadeau!"


24/06/2020 Ingezonden door Lott van Made by LOTT uit Oss

Komt hier jouw ingezonden foto? (mail naar ilse@deknutseljuf.nl)


Niet alleen katten zijn leuk om op een bordje te tekenen! Ook bijv. muziekinstrumenten en vissen zijn een superleuk idee! Kijk maar eens naar dit bordje!


26/07/2020 Ingestuurd door Gerry van der Pal uit Sneek!

Komt hier jouw ingezonden foto? (mail naar ilse@deknutseljuf.nl)

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Gay is okay!
Okay, the title, I think, is telling.  Although.... Imagine: you are a boy or a girl, young or old, and you have feelings, sexual feelings. And then it turns out that as a boy you get creeps in your belly from boys. Or you're a girl, and you get creeps in your belly from girls. That can be pretty confusing! Or: you get creeps in your belly from girls and boys, or.... you're a boy, but you feel like a girl, or vice versa! It happens daily thousands whether boys and girls, young and old! Every day there are men and women who notice that their feelings may be different from “average”. Well, whether course, I could say: be glad you were born in this century: nowadays it's not a problem anymore, but I'll do whole populations short. Because you know? Also in the 21st century it can be quite confusing, and scary to discover your feelings. Because what to do with it? And what does that mean for you? My personal story in a nutcap? I was about 23 years old when I noticed that I didn't have the feelings that my girlfriends did. I did not desire boys, did not look at them any different than women. In fact, I often liked women better, and at least I understood them; -). When I dared to admit that for myself, I thought, “Am I a lesbian now? And do I have to go tell everyone that right now? The panic already struck me at the idea. Fortunately, my environment reacted very well. Speeches like: “I'm not surprised”, “I hope you will be happy”, and “I think it's very difficult for you especially” helped me. And then there was friend J. And he said, “You're just gonna be the same Christel you've always been to me.” I'm still grateful to her, because that's what it's like! Years later, I realized that I was not gay, but bi-sexual. And what does it matter? I love people, I do not fall on a genital organ. Our Yoorsian @adamleanderthewarrior had also recently been coming out, here on Yoors, how tough is that?! Give this tough bink ff a heart, you can do that below. Rating as bi - Read more But let's go back: suppose your son or daughter comes up with the announcement whether being gay, lesbian, bi (I leave transgender aside for a moment, because I don't see them as “gay”, my personal opinion). I imagine you'll have to swallow. You may have already caught signals, but maybe not at all. But you know? Your son or daughter, or boyfriend, girlfriend was gay before he/she told you! And you know: he/she may have struggled a lot with that already, and it's actually a compliment that you were chosen to tell! And are you the gay in question? Just think about how long it took you to accept it yourself, and give the other one a moment to process your communication.. Of course, that can be scary, especially when someone is important to you! But you remain the same person, hopefully only a little happier after you know how you feel! After reading Adam's blog, I had to think whether my own coming out, but also whether a poem, which I would like to share with you here. It comes from the book: Thuiscoming, by Marjo van Rijckeghem: What is against two people who love each other who love each other, tender and warm who can make love who live and work lusts and burdens talk and bickering parties or build parties at home quarrel and reconcile love children or not be moody and cheerful search and find solutions sleeping and dreaming hating cats or not worrying and thinking choose for each other or break up weeping and laughing watching TV, reading books and knitting What can be against even if those two people, two women whether are two men. From: Coming home, scenes from a lesbian existence, Marjo van Rijckeghem. Let's accept each other as we are, we're all human. Gay is okay! #lgbtq   #gayisoke #queer #lesbian #bi #lifelong
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Digital art beginner: Lore Olympus Fan Art
A long time ago I made a first attempt at digital art. That was then just with my computer mouse drawn on paint and was rather basic and not really impressive, as you can see below. My first attempt at (some kind of) digital drawing. - Read more After this, I have long left the idea of digitally drawing. I had no idea which program I should use or what material I should buy. The way I saw it, it seemed like you needed very expensive software and expensive material to get a bit of a good result. Meanwhile, I know this isn't true.. In the end, your skill is the most important thing, which I (still?) not quite have, but the point is that the equipment must have some basic things, but beyond that it's just extras. Extras that probably can help, but if you just do it as a hobby for fun, those aren't really worth the money in my opinion. Meanwhile, I have practiced a little more with digital drawing, meanwhile with a sign tablet in hand. And I'd like to share one of my drawings with you. It's about Fan Art based on Lore Olympus, a comic that you can read on Webtoon. In the comic you follow the story of Hades and Persephone, but with a more modern twist. Many difficult but important topics are also addressed. I'm already a big fan! Hopefully you'll find my first attempt at Fan Art a little pleasant to watch!