Death is a mystery to many

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Hospice documents the mysterious dream experiences of patients

Death is one of the mysteries of life.

But the dreams of patients at Hospice Buffalo in the state of New York reveal something incredible about the process of dying.

Dr. Christopher Kerr and his team have been documenting dreams or visions of dying patients for years.

They have found that dreams are often comforting and make death less scary.

It turns out that when we have little time left, many of us will see the people we miss most.

They recorded a lot of interviews.

A man named Horace explained one of his dreams: “My wife suddenly appeared.”

A woman named Jeanne describes how lively they are: “I remember seeing every piece of their face. I mean, I know that my mom and dad were and my uncle and my brother-in-law. “She continued:” I felt good. I felt good seeing some people. '

A patient named Maggie dreamed about her sister, who had gone before her.

“So I said, “Beth, you have to stay with me, “said Maggie. “I'm alone, stay with me. She says, “I can't. Not now.”

But then her sister sends her a message: “And then she says, “We'll be back soon. We're getting back together. '

Dr. Kerr didn't start believing. He is now the Chief Medical Officer of Hospice Buffalo, and when he was just getting started, something happened that opened his mind. He thought a particular patient might be able to live a little longer with IV fluids.

“I walked in and the nurse didn't even look up,” said Dr. Kerr. “And she said,” No, no, he's dying, “and I said,” Why do you say that? “And she said, 'Well, he sees his dead mother', and I was like [laughing] 'Yes, right.'”

He was skeptical, but he explained that it was proven time and time again that he was wrong.

“Everyone but me was able to predict death, partly on the basis of what people saw or experienced,” he said.

He says that doctors were not trained to cope with these dreams, but he began to study them and realized that they were therapeutic.

“Instead of having this fear of death,” said Dr. Kerr. “It almost transcends the fear of death to something greater.”

In 10 years, he and his team have documented 14,000 cases. Eighty percent of his patients report dreams or visions.

“It's clear that people universally say that this feeling is more real and different from any dream I've ever had,” he said.

KDKA met one of those patients during our visit, a man named Gregg Liebler.

Liebler: “My grandmother and grandfather both succeeded.”
Dr. Kerr: “Have you ever had dreams about them?”
Liebler: “Yes. I see them often. “

Liebler's sister, Karen Paciorkowski, is a nurse at Hospice Buffalo.

'He was very close to my mother's parents, 'she said.

“The people who loved him and cared for him, he says most of all, were his grandparents, and that's who returns to him,” said Dr. Kerr.

He sees himself as a child and talks to them again.

Dr. Kerr: “But it feels good?”
Liebler: “It certainly is.”

Liebler died less than three weeks after our interview.

“You are physically deteriorating, but inside you are very alive and alive,” said Dr. Kerr.

He says that the dreams occur more often when death approaches, and there are common themes, such as emerging trips.

A patient named Paul shared one of his dreams, “She wanted me to pack a few things for her, so I had a crazy dream, I pack goods.”

Sometimes the dreams allow people to cope with unsolved problems.

Patricia, a patient, felt relieved after sending a message to her late husband: “I said to him, “You should have done this, and I want you to know that I'm very angry that you didn't,” and he smiled.”

When children die, they often do not know people who have passed, so they dream of deceased pets.

A girl named Jessica explains her dreams: “I dream about my old dog Shadow, who died.”

“They will come from these experiences and say they want to go back,” said Dr. Kerr.

So what causes the dreams? Is there a religious, spiritual or scientific explanation?

“I don't have one,” said Dr. Kerr.

He says his goal is only to record what is happening and he is not sure that it requires an explanation.

“When they wake up because they've been hit so deeply by something,” said Dr. Kerr. “That just needs to be respected. “

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