Do you know what sponsoring means?

#christmas Sponsorship allows for cooperation in improving the living conditions of a child in a vulnerable population, those of their families and their environment through development projects that benefit an entire community. For this reason, both sponsored and non-sponsored children benefit from the same programs, receiving education, adequate food and medical care when they need it. Wikipedia

sponsor [a-pa-dri-nar] [Conjugate verb sponsor]

tr. Do the job of godfather.

- fig. Sponsor, defend, protect.

- Being someone's godfather.
- give away clothes, shoes, toys, books.
- another way is to pay for their studies.

And why not?  

Christmas is coming. Feast in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus

This is also one of the most important days of the year for many children who are eagerly waiting for what toys the Baby Jesus will bring them.
As does our partner's song say @naf1971naf

Sweet Lie

A toy will give a child a smile this Christmas.

There are many children whose parents do not have enough resources to give them the gifts their children ask for, and there are also many who do not even have parents.

This is a very special time to share with the less fortunate people.
YOU !!! You can use this time to give a smile to a child in need by giving them a toy.

No matter the price of the toy, the important thing is to help and make a child feel that there is someone else who thinks about it.

The most important thing is to give love and happiness to those most in need, that is our mission.

In the place you are, you can sponsor a child that you want to cheer up this Christmas. Being supportive goes far beyond the number of people we seek to benefit.

Most of the time it is more rewarding the way we do the gesture compared to how much we can achieve.

In these difficult times we are all called to help, in any way, but with a sincere heart to deliver the best of ourselves.

We invite you to do some social or spiritual work so that you can make a difference in this time where we must be generous.

God bless you!
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Photos December 2020 children of the community Ciudadela Faria Maracaibo Edo Zulia. Venezuela. I would like to share yours.