Our Cyborg future


Cyborg have been depicted in most of sci-fi movies and it is depicted as both good and bad part of our future. But being a part human and part machine have its own advantages and how close are we to the future where we can choose to be a cyborg?

Companies working on making this dream real



 Neuralink is developing a invasive implants for brain with electrodes like threads. This implants will help to enhance the brain and the system could monitor the brain signals on what it is doing or signal the brain to do some task.

????Short term goal-Use the technology to develop a less intrusive and less invasive treatment option for diseases like Alzheimer's,spinal cord injuries, Parkinson's disease and many other neurological disorders.

????Long term goal-Use the same technology to infuse human for infinite possibilities. The device will be available for healthy humans to enhance their performance.

????Recent news about the company

????Developed more efficient chip with 1024 electrodes while recent use BMI(Brain Machine Interface) chips have 4-8 electrodes and are very bulky.

???? Developed a robot for the surgery which can implant this electrode threads into brain precisely and takes about 10-20 minutes operation. The current methods require surgery while this method can implant these electrodes without such invasive surgery.

????Live demonstration of the chip used in pigs. Company showed a demonstration where brain activity of a pig was monitored.


BIOS, an european startup, is also working on similar technology like Neuralink but it has mentioned going on clinical trials very soon. Neuralink have been working on making their chip small and comfortable while BIOS is working on decoding the data rather than making the implants fancy. It is using data analyzing techniques to decode the language trillions of neuron in our brain is speaking. The company is secretively working and mentioned it might be ahead in every forefront than Neuralink.


2.Wearable technology

 These companies are focusing on BMI using wearable technology. Instead of electrodes in brain,this technology focuses on wearable technology like VR and head gears which can read our mind and act accordingly. Imagine a huge robot controlled by our mind and more fun we can play games with these technologies.


Focusing on making VR and augmented reality technology controlled by our human brain. First brain controlled VR was made by this company and new news suggests company is working on to develop a wide range BMI like a headset which can help control your mobile phones,PCs and many other things.


 Its wearable technology can be ordered and the technology decodes the brain activity in real time allowing users to control wide range of digital objects.

The device senses the signals sends from visual cortex to brain and decodes it. And upon increasing focus the decoder will know what to execute.


This company focuses on the treatment of the disease that invasive technology have promised by using non-invasive technology. Invasive technology is highly effective on treatment of neurological disorders and have been practiced for decades but this company aims to go an unpaved way breaking the trend of most companies following the invasive method.

How far is this future?

The future of Cyborg is very far away but a technology which can better the life of humans by treating such diseases is one giant leap. Most of companies haven't got permission to go for clinicial trials and technology is still at infancy.

But if we look at the pace of the rapid development of this technology, we can expect medically approved chips and technology within 5-10 years. This technology will forsure make better the life of many people on earth.