Sumba Island is located in East Nusa Tenggara or is one of Indonesia's southernmost islands. Sumba Island is one of the islands that hold a wealth of unique landscapes.
The beauty of the alamanya is already supposed to be known and become one of the main tourist destinations for Indonesian and world travellers.

The island in eastern Indonesia is known for its natural beauty, not only beaches but Sumba island has a unique nature encompassing waterfalls, savanna and hills. The natural beauty of Sumba is well known to travellers both locally and internationally.

Check out some of the sights in Sumba guys.1. Waikelo rice paddyRemember yes, these artificial waterfalls and dams are just to be seen and indulge your eyes only and not fit to be used for swimming at all!
With a discharge of up to 1,000 litres of water per second, Waikelo Sawah used to be part of a hydroelectric power station managed by the government in 1976. Very fast and strong currents give life to the surrounding rice paddy acreage and also serve as the daily source of clean water for bathing.
Surrounded by greenery growing beneath the foothills, the waterfall is also located beneath several magnificent caves. As a result, you can witness first-hand one of nature's finest architectural designs — a cave lagoon framed by panoramic views of green forests and highly exotic stone entrances.
No wonder this place is a favorite of many people. The best time to visit Waikelo Sawah is around February, March and November. You will be able to watch annual traditional rituals in Sumba such as Pasola (spearhead on horseback) and Wula Podu, a sacred dance.2.Weekuri Laguna
In this lake of paradise, the bluish water color turns golden at sunset — a magical moment you certainly don't want to miss!
Separated by cliffs, this tidal pond with a sandy bottom is just 20 metres from the sea. Its cool water is perfect for swimming.
Sit under one of the shady trees while dipping a foot in its cold water and admire the surrounding beauty. Like many hidden gems on the island, you won't find many people here.
Come in the morning to watch the sunlight penetrate the water all the way to the bottom of the lake, and put on your snorkel glasses!3. Bawana BeachImagine posing on a soft white sandy beach with a row of beautiful high cliffs as the backdrop — surely the result of cool.
On this beach, you'll find a unique arch — a huge hole in the rock — that stands firmly on the coast.
From a distance, the scenery on Bawana Beach is glimpsed reminiscent of the stunning green cliffs of Ireland. As far as the eye can see, what appears is an unspoilt beach with a blow of waves on coral walls.
Perhaps you will be able to enjoy this beach yourself, because not many know yet. We recommend coming at sunset to see even more beautiful views!4. Waimarang WaterfallWaimarang is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sumba. The main attraction of this place is a spectacular pool of speed water.
The stone walls surrounding the pond create a sensation as if the middle is inside the cave, with walls covered in green moss and shady trees towering above.
It was like it was in an Indiana Jones movie. What treasures can you find here? Definitely an unforgettable experience!
Very few travelers have found this waterfall. And because of its hidden location, you should ask for directions for local residents. The road there has no markers and requires some ascent up a very steep hill. Not make an amateur one!5. Tanggedu waterfallYou'll pass through the traditional villages of Mondu and Prainatang as you head to the waterfalls that are gaining popularity with local citizens and tourists.
Among the formations of rocks resembling canyons, flow clear and cool water coming from the falls, surrounded by natural nature.
If you're brave enough, let's go down the river with a river-tubing! Although the location is far from the city and the roads it travels are less good, the time and effort it takes will be very close to what you'll get here.6. Matayangu WaterfallIt may be the most unique waterfall in Sumba. The 75-metre-high waterfall is “muncrat” through a gap in the cliff wall, emitting roaring water into a clear blue pool.
In the local language, Matayangu means “stop here”, referring to the traditional belief that Marapu ancestral spirits settled here.
There is a small cave behind the waterfall which is only visible during the dry season when the volume of water is dropping.
Matayangu is located in the Manupeu Tanah Daru National Park, where you can find unique flora and fauna. For example, if it has sharp eyes, you can find 57 species of butterflies, including seven endemic species native to Sumba Island!7. Nihiwatu ResortStaying at this understated, beachfront luxury resort doesn't mean extravagance.
Did you know that while enjoying a paradise at Nihiwatu Resort, you actually contribute to the local community?
Nihiwatu Resort established The Sumba Foundation which is committed to providing humanitarian assistance to local communities by encouraging rural based projects in healthcare (including access to health care and malaria control), education, water and income economy. Everything they do while preserving and respecting the culture of the Sumba people.
Even the kitchen waste of this eco-friendly resort is used as a gas material for the stove!
Oh yeah... Nihiwatu Resort was the world's best hotel in 2017 - 2018 loh.8. Walakiri Mangrove BeachWalakiri has a beautiful stretch of white sandy beach with soft waves, coconut trees and unique dwarf mangroves that you shouldn't miss.
As the water is receding, the beach becomes shallow with a soft sandy bottom that is perfect for swimming.
You'll also see seaweed farming on the sand banks near mangroves. If you're fond of collecting scallops, you're lucky — because on this beach there are so many.9. Wairinding HillThis unspoiled savanna is an eye-indulging sight. With hills of grassy green grass criss-cross on the horizon, it's the perfect place to relax and relax after a long trip.
Let the wind caress your skin and the mind wanders in tranquillity, where there is only you and nature alone. Although this meadow only appears green during the rainy season (November — May), in the dry season (July — October) it turns into a golden expanse that is no less beautiful!

Other than that there are many tourist attractions that are no less excotic in sumba guys. Later when you come, you'll witness it yourself. 😊
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