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Recipe for low-carbohydrate roquefort salad

Come out of your comfort sin with me and try a salad like you've never tasted before. The intense taste that the roquefort with almonds gives to your salad will keep your stomach filled for hours and make your taste puppets tingle. Would you like the recipe? Then read on quickly

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Recept koolhydraatarm roquefort salad

Dit recept is voor mensen die eens iets anders willen dan een simpele groene salad.

Benodigdheden koolhydraatarm roquefort salad

Quantities are for 1 person

1. 50 grams of mixed salad
2. 4 cherry tomatoes
3. 60 grams of roquefort
4. 30 grams of almond nuts
5. 1 tablespoon of olive oil
6. 2 teaspoons YOFresh


1. 1 saucepan
2. 2 bowls
3. A mixing bowl
4. 2 spoons (to turn the roquefort easily
5. A blender

Bereidingswijze koolhydraatarm roquefort salade

1. Weigh the products, and wash the lettuce thoroughly
2. Drain the lettuce well before cutting it into pieces
3. Remove the protein from the egg yolk, leaving only egg yolk
4. Blend the almonds until crumbled
5. Pull the roquefort first through the egg yolk and then through the crumbled almonds, making sure that the complete roquefort is covered
6. Grab a small saucepan with olive oil and fry the roquefort on all sides until golden brown. Then put it aside separately on alluminium foil
7. Cut the salad into strips, size is to your liking
8. Cut the cherry tomatoes through half
9. Mix the salad and the cherry tomatoes together
10. Add a few dashes of YOFresh and finally put the fried roquefort on the salad

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