Lunchtip weightloss!

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Just a lunch treat for those who are busy with losing weight, staying on weight or just being healthy.

Like lunch, I ate 2 roasted spelled sandwiches, no butter, with 1 mashed avocado and 2 scrambled eggs.
I made scrambled eggs with a little bit of olive oil in the frying pan. You can also choose a boiled egg instead of scrambled eggs.
Avocado doesn't get anything else to me. But you can add another pinch of salt, pepper, but is not necessary.
Alternatively, you can choose two rice cakes instead of spelt bread or leave the bread completely away if you don't want bread.
In that case, you could also put a few slices of tomato through.
No mayonnaise, dressings, just bald! You could put a little parsley over it. But not that nice bakbacon patch on top of it, I'll leave it away for now.
Can always be done later every now and then, if you're busy for a long time.
Eat tasty! Oh, yeah, what am I drinking with it? - Water.
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