Chicken shawarma sandwich | Elise

Chicken shawarma sandwich

I'm not a top chef and I don't like cooking. But I can still make a chicken shawarma sandwich. We always have chicken showarma meat and no pigs. Pork shawarma makes you fat quickly and we just like chicken much better. Nice with some lettuce and of course a pita bread. Also ready quickly and we really feast on it.

We used to make the garlic sauce ourselves, but nowadays we always buy a few ready-made containers of garlic sauce (at Jumbo, 1 euro per bowl), because that's actually just as delicious!

And what about the crockery? It's been years old and quite a coincidence that it's just 3 the same signs. Our tableware consists of a hodgepodge, with all kinds of prints and patterns and also some white plates in different sizes. We don't care about that at all. Buying an expensive crockery, as a lot of people do, and having everything the same, why should you? Our chicken sandwich (and all the other meals) tasted no less.

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