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Why do we ride bikes?

The Netherlands is of course an utmost cycling country. There's no more cycling than here. Almost everyone bike and can ride a bike. We have already very young balance bikes and bicycles with training wheels. We learn to ride a bike at an early age. On Sunday, for example, from your father, who pushes you down the street in a few hours and chases you. A second day, you try again. After a little trial and error, we can do it. Most children have mastered cycling quite quickly.

We cycle, first with Mom, to school, to the club and to Grandpa and Grandma. As we get older, we cycle to sports, to the club and to work. We cycle to the store and to friends and girlfriends. Of course we also do errands with it.

If the weather is really nice, then we go on the bike, all in mass. So we also cycle for the conviviality. Just a ride. Just like that.

In the old days, that could only “pull out” by bike. There was no car yet, it was there, for most Dutch people, only in the 1960s.

In those earlier years were the bicycles (bicycles) of the brands Batavus, Singer, Gazelle,RIH or Empo, They were indestructible and they were only in black to get. So no different colors like these days!

The Netherlands is a beautiful cycling country, with not too many hills, mostly flat land, with occasional wind. That wind always comes from the front it seems, but otherwise you don't really have to make a lot of effort to get a little forward.

There are beautiful bike paths and routes laid out and we have beautiful ANWB mushrooms that show us the way to all kinds of beautiful and fun spots. Even the number of kilometers is mentioned on the poles.

1935 ad Simplex
Gazelle, date unknown

Today, there are apps and other technical tools to make cycling even more fun.

I bike, you bike, we've cycled. We don't know anything else. We don't know any better. That's quite special!

Cycling, the feeling of hovering, with wings over the road, like an arrow out of the bow. Stepping to the forest, the beach or to the moorland. There is no flying carpet, but there is a feather-light bike:

Cycling, it's delicious, isn't it?

Photo: _cristina_


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