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Day 2: Holiday with the family - so valuable

10 days, 10 works, 10 nominations

@Franco Mendoza Photo started the #challenge in which we are challenged to share our own works with other Yoorsies. You don't have to be a photographer or an artist, it's mainly about the connection between all the Yoorsies! 10 days you share your own work, and each day you nominate another Yoorsie to do the same. 

This picture is made in #Oberstdorf , in southern Germany. So incredibly valuable to 'discover' these kinds of beautiful places with the family. We now have a dog with which we unfortunately can not really walk with, so these kind of walks are not really in it to make ta.

These are such valuable memories! This picture shows what vacation is for me, what for me is enjoying.

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I nominate today @EnyaMona to share her most beautiful works with us for 10 days. Would you like to do that? You may share something with the #challenge , and then you can nominate someone 10 times to participate in the challenge. Have fun!

Below you can see my previous contribution in the challenge:

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