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Signed recipe - actually drawn breakfast

Signed recipe

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Het ontbijt van @pitamaria2000

We get to know Pitamaria better and better on Yoors, very nice! She posted a delicious breakfast with a picture. A basket full of arepitas with all kinds of fillings: caraotas (beans), guasacaca (avocado sauce), grated cheese, grated meat, meat stew. For breakfast it would be a bit too spicy for me, but as a meal it seems super to me!


I thought it looked so good, and the colors of the picture appeals to me so much that I said to her "I would like to make a drawing! “

"muy buena idea“was haar reactie. And my languages are not that strong, but from this I could tell without translation that she would like it if I did! This creates the insprition within Yoors!

I really like to make a drawing out of beautiful recipes, so let me know if you have a nice favorite (family) recipe. Also nice to give as a gift of course!

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The original blog of Pitamaria where I made this self-made signed recipe

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