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The Cactus Oasis - top tip for a day out! Photo blog


The Cactus - Oasis

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With my daughter I spent a day at the Cactus Oasis in Ruurlo.Of course, this was exactly in line with our 'world journey' that we are currently making from our own garden.We have seen beautiful, mostly South American Cactuses, some of which were still in bloom.

There is a fun children's scavenger hunt, and for adults there is also a photo scavenger hunt, so that you are really focused on looking for the information.

A very nice getaway in the Achterhoek!


The children's treasure hunt - Wild West Route

During the Wild West Route, the children go looking for the information signs in the Cactus garden.

On the first ticket the enthusiastic Anny van de Cactus - Oase explains the assignments.Find the right Cactus, check on your card which letter of the Latin name to write down!

In the end, you get a reward for your hard work!

Every now and then it's best to look, and if you have a mother with you who wants to put every cactus from bottom to top and left and right in the picture..."Mom, come!”

Of course I'm not going to tell you what the solution of the Wild West Route is, you can look for it yourself when you go to the Cactus Oasis.


In the first part of the Cactus Oasis there is a very nice collaboration with the model railway construction - association.Between the cactus landscape runs the track through which the trains run.

Unfortunately, you have to put a euro in a machine to run the trains, and I don't actually have any cash on me anymore these days.

On a lookout bridge you can see the whole landscape well.Nice done.


The Cactus Oase is nice set up, with vistas, nice set up buildings as if you were in South America.For me, as a hobby photographer (and blogger) these are nice details! In the three hours we went to the Cactus Oasis I made more than 240 pictures.Too much to share here.


When we get there, Bert, Anny's husband, is walking around and he's busy maintaining the Cactus Oasis.It's really a passion for these two people to make something beautiful and fun out of it.


When you walk around in the greenhouse, you're always called by the birds out there.The biggest bustle probably always gets the most attention."come but" he calls, and "lorre, parrot" Very funny and my daughter always wants to go back there, she can't get enough of this cozy bird.The others will miss some attention I'm afraid, what this little screams knows how to attract attention!

If you have a little patience and talk to the other birds kindly, they'll come to you too.They are not stuffed animals, there are also signs “the birds can bite” everywhere.Funny they are!


In the greenhouse there is also a nice mini museum with a school and several rooms of a farmhouse.The cobbler also has his workshop there.

This is a very nice addition to the Cactus Oasis.Again decorated with a lot of love and passion.




Really a very nice outing! For the current information, it is best to go to the site go from The Cactus Oase Ruurlo .

Also good to do during Corona.Enough space, well arranged and fine restaurant for a cup of coffee, homemade herb cake and possibly a sandwich!

When Anny heard I was writing a blog, she wanted to take a picture with my daughter.Anny, thank you for your enthusiasm! We had a very nice day in the Oasis, what a passion you put into it!

For the facebook page of the Cactus Oasis, please see Here .

There is much more to discover, but there may still be some surprises if you go to the Cactus Oasis yourself! Have fun!

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