The sea was sweet! Really! | ellesvandenbroek

The sea was sweet! Really!

Not salty, not even broke, but sweet!

Swimming in the sea, you'll taste salt water, we all know. But last week we swam in the sea at Rockanje, in fresh water.!


We had a great time in the southern tip of South Holland. A midweek Rockanje we've made good use. Of course we went swimming in the sea too.

But my biologists - brain got confused! I said to my daughter "beware you don't get too much water, it's super salt! "

But what made our surprise, the water was fresh! Truly sweet! It was like we were swimming in a lake. No trace of salt to be confess.

Of course, I know that the river - inflow - places at the tide of fresh water flows from the river more fresh water into the sea, and that there is a fluctuation of salinity. But I hadn't seen this before. I don't know if other swimmers noticed.

What happened in Europe last weeks could explain this phenomenon. Extremely high water, with terrible consequences in Limburg, Belgium and Germany, was created by hanging clouds (type of hanging youngsters, but then rain clouds with a lot of rain raining empty in one place).

So the big rivers have a lot of water to drain and of course that mouth out in the sea. These are large quantities, which certainly at the time of the tide (when the tide is getting down, the sea water gets lower) flows into the mouth of the sea.

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