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Walking at Tenella Plas in South Holland

Beautiful piece of nature in South Holland

Live, or are you in South Holland and you're looking for a beautiful area for hiking or cycling.? Then go to the Tenella Plas.! There are a number of walks starting from the visitor centre, but you can also determine your own route using the junctions. The area is light in Voorne enZuid - Hollandse eiland, behind the dunes of Oost-Voorne. I took the walk when I was on vacation in Rockanje.


From the Tenella Plas Visitor Center, you'll have a busy start in high season. But if you're walking for 5 minutes, you'll be a beautiful area where you seem to be alone on the world every now and then. The area is so varied with forest, dune grassland, small valleys that are a bit wetter and lakes.! 


There were two wheelchair routes on the board. I assumed that would be on paved paths, so I went in to ask if there was another nice route that runs more through the crawling through the crawling paths. 

I was told that the wheelchair route is very nice too, but that there was a nice route that walked along the beach. That route is over 5 and a half kilometres. There were also nodes on it, so that allowed me to go in every direction and set my own route. 

In the beginning I quickly came to this beautiful valley. A large flower field with buzzing bees, crickets (then everyone knows what I mean, right??) and lots of butterflies! 

Look a little gorgeous.! 


But really, the wheelchair route is beautiful too! I do think the route is spicy because here and there is silly sand across the path, and there is quite a bit of a slope in the route. But if you walk the long wheelchair route (3.5 km I think it is) you get a good impression of the superbeautiful area!  


Here you can see a bat hotel in the far. You'll also see the elevation differences in the landscape here. This makes the view different and surprising after every turn. 


In the end I walked about 5 km. And a large part of the wheelchair path or the more or less parallel crawling through slipping paths. 

You'll also encounter old bunkers that are completely fused and the roots of the trees seem to say "you can't go in here anymore”


The area is also a true butterfly paradise.! Here the little one came to scare away the bigger butterfly. I like the atmosphere of the picture so much, that naughty little bully sees his chance clean. 


With help from @Leonardo 1 I've been able to identify the butterflies almost all! Here you see the orange sand eyelet. 


This is a lemon butterfly. So white that it gets overexposed quickly in the picture. 


This is the Vanessa Atalanta. There were many more, so much fun! 


At the end of my route, I came across this little pole of a children's route. The deer is a template in a flap. So a leaf can be pushed behind and then the deer can be drawn by following the lines. I assume there are more templates like this on that route. 

I've also seen a hedgel-route and a few more children's routes. Unbelievably fun, of course! 

At the end of your walk, you can have a drink on a terrace of a restaurant. If you walk a longer route across the beach, you'll also find hospitality. 

For more information please check the visitor center site . (opens in new window)

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