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Time travel in the Markthal

Contemporary, even a little futuristic, the Markthal. But whoever goes there on foot or by public transport lacks a fairly well-kept secret. The Markthal also houses a small museum where you can travel back through time.

During the preparations for the construction of the hall and the underneath parking garage there had to be dug up to 10 meters deep. A wonderful opportunity for archaeologists to look for the remains of habitation in this place. During earlier excavation work in the city, there were already remains of the oldest known settlement in this place called Rotta. But what archaeologists found on the site of the Markthal exceeded their wildest expectations. An almost complete mound with 6 houses built between 950 and 1050.

In the garage stairwell of the Markthal, a permanent exhibition with the appropriate name “De Tijdtrap” has been set up. Here you can travel back in time to where Rotta fought a constant battle against the water, using the finds from the various layers of earth, such as weapons, tools, jewelry and kitchen utensils.

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