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Fifty shades of green: Litlibaer's seal colony.

In this blog I would like to take you to the Westfjords.

When you drive from Patreksfjordur to Holmavik, you'll drive through several fjords.

Enjoy the many beautiful views along the way!


If you're lucky, you might even spot a along the way white-tailed bald eagle , as happened to us!

The animal appeared above our car, and in a few strokes of its mighty wings it had disappeared again.

We are about 400 kilometers from Reykjavik at the moment.

The West Fjords are the oldest part of Iceland, and you won't find any volcanic activity here.

Incidentally, you will find the least inhabitants in this area: a large part of the Westfjords are uninhabited.

This is probably because the Westfjords are largely unreachable by car in winter.

Partly because of this, nature in the Westfjords is largely unspoiled, and rugged.

Driving on road number 61 you can swing through the fjords, along the water, and when you pay attention you see a small sign on the “land-side” of the road: “seals”.

The sign is just before (or after, depends which way you're driving) a sharp turn in the road.

Here you'll find a small parking lot. It goes without saying that you have to walk towards the water to find the seals.

There are no sanitary facilities in the parking lot.

It goes without saying that you have to walk towards the water to find the seals.

You cross the road and then you walk into the grassland, towards the water.

After five minutes, you'll find yourself in a large grassland bordering water.

It is a beautiful area where you can catch seals, and many birds:


One of the many fur cup plovers flying around here noisy.

They were not particularly enamored by our arrival.!


When you've dabbled through the grassland, you'll get to the waterfront, and there you'll find a colony of seals, which are easy to rest.

When you behave respectfully (i.e. keep your distance, and be quiet)!) the animals are not bothered by you, and stay calm.

You have the ability to stand behind large boulders, so you can disturb the animals even less!


We looked forward to the seals, they remain entertaining animals!

And so terribly cute.





Of course I thought of my readers here, and made a video of the couple:

This area is still virtually pristine: you won't find any ropes to stay behind here, you won't find many people.

I sincerely hope it stays that way!

Please note that the water here is subject to the tide, at the time of my visit it was low tide, but to the shells (even coral)!) see the water can rise considerably.

In addition to the seals you will find very beautiful flowers in this area like this purple Gentian (I haven't been able to find the species yet, if you know it, I would like to hear it.!)


And my personal favorite: the Snow Gentian:



This Snow Gentian can be found at great heights, often in the Alps.

It is a protected annual plant, 5 to 15 centimeters high.

For this cutie, I liked to get on my knees!

After this visit to the seals it was high time for a waffle, we found.

Iceland is famous for its waffles, and I love it!

Just beyond the seals, you'll find Litlibaer café, famous for its freshly baked waffles!


This former farm house is still in old condition, and is really great to see inside.

It is unimaginable that large families have lived here.!

The first family to live here had 15 children.!!

In retrospect I regret not asking if I could take pictures inside, it's really a tiny little house, with a small kitchenette, where your waffle is freshly baked!


The waffle was very tasty!

The whipped cream unsweetened, so I actually liked one more, but we had another trip ahead, so it stayed with one.

The visit became even better when a whale swam past in the fjord in front of the cafe.!

We were able to follow the whale a little bit, but we were unable to photograph it, unfortunately.

Whales are more common in this fjord, you'll live there.

I think I'd sit in front of the window all day.!

After the waffle, and one last look at the whale we drove on.

If you're in the Westfjords, skip Litlibaer café, and don't skip the seals.!

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