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Cooking with children: 12) tomato soup with paprika and meatballs

Here we go again! This time children's hands make 'tomatoes - paprika soup with meatballs'.
In a soup for and by children, the balls in the soup are the icing on the cake. So they should not be missing.

Needed :

- 2 kg of tomatoes without skin
- 2 red peppers
- 2 large onions
- 4 cloves of garlic
- 4 cubes of chicken broth
- minced meat of your choice, for the balls
- butter
- pepper (no salt needed if you use stock cubes)

- Unpeel the tomatoes. This is how you do:

-> Carve a cross shape on top of the tomato. Immerse them in boiling water. Now you can easily deskate them. Take out the hard heart and cut into four.
- Peel the garlic, cut in half and take out the heart. (That creates the real look smell.)
- Cut all the vegetables into coarse pieces and stew them in some butter until softer.
- In the meantime, roll the balls and put them in boiling water.

- Remove the vegetables from the cooking pot and let them rest for a while.

- Bring water to a boil. (We cooked 1 liter of water with the kettle.)
- Fribble the chicken broth cubes in it. (Watch out for the hot water vapor!)
- Stir with a wooden spoon until dissolved.
- Add the vegetables to the broth.
- If necessary, add some water until all the vegetables are underwater.
- Let the vegetables go for a little more.

- When they are cooked, you can mix the soup thoroughly until all the pieces are gone.
- Do you think the soup is too thick? Add some more boiling water.
- Add some pepper to taste.
- Put the balls in the mixed soup and let it warm.
-> This does an adult better! Otherwise, the soup will splash in all directions!

Thanks to Zoé, 9 years old, who was the cook of the day and could make this dish almost all alone.

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